Article Marketing

Have you guys heard about Article Marketing? And how does it actually help in your blog or online business? I'm sure most of you have heard about this and might just be following blindly to write articles without knowing what is the rationale behind this. I will now share this with the rest of you.

Article Marketing is actually producing quality article of your own and posting it on articles directories to gain free advertising. The key word to article marketing is gaining free advertising. This is also one way of organic traffic.

Benefits of Article Marketing

As I mention earlier, Article Marketing let you gain free advertising to your website or blog. When you produce your own article, you will include your name and URL link at the end of the article. This is to attract readers that want to know more knowledge regarding the same topic after reading through the article that you have posted.

Therefore, it is very important that you post quality article on the article directories. In my opinion, many of the articles posted are purely trying to gain free advertising and backlink instead of writing quality article to share the knowledge with the rest of the readers. I agree to a certain extent that the backlinks created from this article can helped in the SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ). However, readers will gauge the kind of knowledge that you posses from the content of your posted article. This will eventually hurts your reputation on that related niche.

My advice is to put in more effort in the article that you are going to post and readers will be impressed by the professional knowledge that you have on the particular topic. Therefore, most of them will in turn click on your website URL at the bottom of the article because they are hungry for more information after reading your article.

This in turn generates traffic to your blog. And be mindful that this traffic that are redirected from your article are quality traffic. Since readers are clicking on your website URL, it means that they are very interested in the topic that you post and often they will want to know more and subscribe to your blog feed.Do post your article on popular article directories so that at least you can draw some traffic from the directory to your blog or website.

Apart from the quality traffic you receive from article marketing, you also get more backlinks.
If you are unsure of what backlinks are, I will introduce you in my next post together with how to get back links.

How To Make Article Marketing More Effective

There are a few things that you need to watch out for when you write your own article. Most article directory website will have a resource box. This are the few items that are recommended to be put inside the resource box.

1) Name
2) Website URL ( Never put in a whole list of URLs )
3) Brief description of your website

Take note not to jam your resource box with alot of information. The next point is to keep your article within 300-400 words. The first reason is very clear cut. The shorter the article, the more article your can write and publish. The second reason is nowadays internet users are very impatient and are often turn off by long written articles that are not straight to the point. However, we are still talking about quality article for the shorter content.

Lastly, about the volume of article. Post as much articles you could weekly to drive more traffic to your website or blog. This is always the most common equation for all. More article views = more traffic to your website. With more articles, it greatly increases the chances of internet users catching a glimpse of the article you have written.

Recommended Article Directories

1) EzineArticles
2) Articlesland

This 2 are the most recently used article directories that I used. There are alot more that you can find and do submit your articles on those directories too. Remember that more exposure = more traffic.

Ok that's all for today. I will be talking about backlinks for my next post.
Take care all. Enjoy your weekends


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