How I Top A Keyword For Google

Not much response from the previous poll. Never mind not to worry since mine is a new blog less than 1 month old. I shall share on how i top a keyword in Google for today.

Many of you know that if you are able to top a certain keyword in Google, it will help you to get traffic from the search engine. But how do you exactly do it? Definitely the it is through SEOs.
SEOs means Search Engine Optimization. There is a lot to learn from SEOs and you need to improve on this for your blog to move on further and get more traffic. However, I would not touch on this in depth today.

I will just be focusing on one feature for SEOs which is keyword density on your blog and this alone helps me to rank top on Google search results.

What is keyword density

Keyword density is the measurement of how many times a particular keyword appears on your webpage. This is one component you need to focus on to improve on your SEOs. However, do be aware that Google have certain measures in place to prevent webmasters from spamming a particular keyword or phrase just to get ranked higher in Google search results.

Search for a keyword niche

When you want to get ranked top in Google search results, you need to find a keyword niche in which very few webpages are using. In my case, I choose to use the program that I promote which is Freebies4Webmasters. When I started this search in Google, I found that there were less than 100 webpages indexed for it. I then knew that I have found a new niche keyword.

Therefore, I mass promoted this program to the various social networking media so that I could get ranked higher in the SEOs. After 1 week of hard work and marketing, I managed to top Google Search Results on this particular keyword Freebies4Webmasters. Although this is a very small niche, it will grow fast very soon. At this time when I am typing this post, the keyword Freebies4Webmasters have already over 1 thousand pages indexed.

I did a screenshot of the search results and do check to see.

Therefore, choosing on a niche keyword is very important. You can search for keyword tools to see which keyword do not have much competitors. The best keyword tools you can find is Google adwords keyword tool in which you need to register with Google Adwords and keyword tool can be found within it.

What if I want to top a competitive keyword?

Yes, you can definitely do it but it takes a lot of time to get your webpage rank top should the keyword you want to use are highly competitive. Examples include keyword phrase like "how to earn money online" need to take a lot of effort to improve on your SEOs before you could rank top. I will be discussing on this in my later post.

Ok to recap the whole post. The lesson you have learn from this post is find a niche keyword and used it in combination with not more than 10% keyword density on a particular keyword or Google might take it that you are spamming. You can use this keyword density check program to check your percentage of keyword density.

That's all for now. Next post will be giving more indepth knowledge on what exactly SEOs.
Have a nice weekend.


curiousman said...

GRREAT example!!!

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Wei Liang said...

hi curiousman,

thanks for the support. Hopefully, this tip could get your blog google search result too. Cheers to your blogging success

Felix Goh

Moon Loh said...

Hi Wei Liang,
Thanks for your valuable information.

renaye said...

i noticed that if i want to draw more visitors to my blog... i need to find a keyword niche for my blog. reading this entry is really reminding me to take action!