Will High PR Give You Higher Traffic ?

Blogging Examination 2008

Qn 1. To what extent is high PR = High Traffic? 10 marks

If you are able to answer this question properly, I am sure you know SEOs pretty well already. Ok I shall get down to this straight away. Let's work back on what makes up a high PR. I will give a general view on what makes up high PR but you can read more at my previous post on "What is PR" and "8 tips to increase PR".

Google rate a website with high PR when there are many backlinks. In the world of Internet, backlinks work like a vote to a website. Therefore in this case, high PR = higher backlinks are true. Remember this equation becaue we will need this later.

With this we shall move on to talk about SERPs which stands for Search Engine Result Page. SERPs basically mean how well your website has rank in a particular keyword phrase that people are searching. Therefore, better SERPs = Higher traffic since you rank higher in the results page. Therefore, one of the ways to get high traffic is through better SERPs. Better SERPs is obtained by working on Search Engine Optimization (SEOs).

Building quality backlinks are one of the way to improve SEOs. Therefore, more backlinks = improve SEOs = Improved SERPs = Higher Traffic. So now looking at this equation, we know that getting backlinks will eventually help in getting more traffic although it is not directly related.

Now let's look back at our previous equation which is High PR = more backlinks. So typically our full equation will looks like this:

High PR =
more backlinks = improve SEOs = Improved SERPs = Higher Traffic

So we can say that high PR do help in getting more traffic indirectly. Therefore, do not say that having high PR is useless because it will lead to more traffic. However, you hear a lot of debates that PR are useless and not important at all. This is because focusing on improving your SEOs will eventually lead to higher PR as well. That is the reason why people prefer to improve SEOs rather than concentrate on getting PR.

But there are actually benefit of getting PR as well which is it will lead to more comments because people want to get a backlink from high PR site. Don't you wan more comments on your post too? If you don't believe me, you will see the difference once your blog get updated with PR. Hopefully mine get some nice PR rank on the next update too.

Hope this first question of blogging examination will give you better understanding on the blogging fundamentals. Stay tune for my discussion on the 2nd question.

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Prie said...

You have an interesting blog. Salute!!

Shireishou said...

I need PR for review. hohohoh
But actually PR not connected with traffic. IMHO
My video blog has PR 4 but only 27 visitor/day and my uang blog more than 100/day only get PR 2 T___T (with more backlink than video)

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foongpc said...

Thanks for this very useful post on PR!