8 Tips To Increase Your Page Rank

As promised, I will be providing the tips to increase your Google Page Rank. Do read on my first post if you have no idea what PR are. Firstly, you need to understand that PR is updated once every few months. Therefore, if your blog is new ( like mine ), we will have to wait for the next update to see if your PR increase or decrease.

1) Linking to a higher page rank site

Yes, this is difficult but it can be done. If you prove that you are an expert in the same niche and at the same time comes out with different ideas for the same approach. For example, you are blogging on "how to play billard" and you have a trick that has not been featured on that particular high ranking blog, you scored a point.

2) Submit to directories

Submit to directories like Yahoo Directory. This will also create a backlink to your blog. However, some directory do require you to link back to their blog as well so that your blog will be featured higher compared to others. A directory which you must go is Qassia which provide unlimited quality linkback to your blog.

3) Frequent update of your blog with unique content

Interesting content often makes your blog 'sticky'. 'Sticky' in this context means your visitors revisit your blog for more information which they want to know. This will increase the chance that they will link to your blog due to your fantastic content. That is the reason why your content must be unique.

4) Linking to your old articles

Link back to your old articles. This increases the time that visitors will stayed at your blog due to more detailed content. Most importantly, this will increase the chances of your other webpage with PR increase as well. I'm sure you would want your articles to have some PR ranking as well other than your homepage.

5) Adding your article to social networking group

Add your article to places like digg, stumble upon, reddit etc. and you could get linkbacks from them as well. Do not underestimate the power of this social networking group.

6) Participate in forums

This is often neglected by most bloggers because they think it is useless. In fact, if you visit forums of your related niche and actually comment on some of the questions ask by people, you could actually gain some nice reputation over your niche. At the same time, leave your blog link at the signature column which might create some backlinks. Although there are arguements that link on signature are not counted as backlinks but even if it is true, you create some additional traffic for your blog.

7) Have a sitemap

Having a sitemap makes it easier for Google spiders to crawl and index your page. If you have a more organised blog, your page rank will be improved as well.

8) Buying ad links from high PR site

There are some high PR sites who sell links to be placed on their website as backlinks. This is the fastest and easiest way but sooner or later the high PR site will be penalised by Google. However, this doensn't affect you directly because these are inlinks to your site and not reciprocal links. When I say reciprocal links, it means mutal links from 2 blogs. For example, let's look at amos and coco blog. When amos link to coco blog and coco link to amos blog, this is called reciprocal link.

Work on the tips to see your PR grow on the next update. Have fun. Will blog again tomorrow.
Good night.


Shireishou said...

WOW nice tips. I never submit my blog to social bookmar. maybe thats why.
Btw do U know why my pagerank result is different among pagerank checker. Its about my http://cosplay.sharing-info.com Some checker said 3 some is 0. hmmm

Chris said...

Great tips. Tip number 8 however, is one you have to be extremely careful with. Griz over at How to Make Money Online for Beginners explains that a lot of sites are being de-indexed for selling or using paid backlinks. The latest casuality being Backlink Solutions.

freemoneysite said...

good articles my friend it seems link building is every bloggers concern now a days glad to have you as my link partner

Wei Liang said...

Hi shireishou,

your page rank is at 3. Use the 2 PR checker that I recommend which is the most reliable ones.

Wei Liang said...

Yes chris I totally agree with that. But do not worry as it will not affect your website as long as you are not linking to them. It is the website that sell links for money which are in trouble.

This is because we cannot control the links to our blog and that is why Google don't penalised webpage for this reason.

Moon Loh said...

Wei Liang,

Thanks for sharing and page rank is an important element for a website. =)

MelfromBoD said...

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Make Money Blogging said...

I did link exchange with relevant blog with higher PR, and I gain my PR2 in 2-3months times. I'm now doing the other tips and hope to achieve PR3 or PR4 on the next PR update. =)