Will High PR Give You Higher Traffic ?

Blogging Examination 2008

Qn 1. To what extent is high PR = High Traffic? 10 marks

If you are able to answer this question properly, I am sure you know SEOs pretty well already. Ok I shall get down to this straight away. Let's work back on what makes up a high PR. I will give a general view on what makes up high PR but you can read more at my previous post on "What is PR" and "8 tips to increase PR".

Google rate a website with high PR when there are many backlinks. In the world of Internet, backlinks work like a vote to a website. Therefore in this case, high PR = higher backlinks are true. Remember this equation becaue we will need this later.

With this we shall move on to talk about SERPs which stands for Search Engine Result Page. SERPs basically mean how well your website has rank in a particular keyword phrase that people are searching. Therefore, better SERPs = Higher traffic since you rank higher in the results page. Therefore, one of the ways to get high traffic is through better SERPs. Better SERPs is obtained by working on Search Engine Optimization (SEOs).

Building quality backlinks are one of the way to improve SEOs. Therefore, more backlinks = improve SEOs = Improved SERPs = Higher Traffic. So now looking at this equation, we know that getting backlinks will eventually help in getting more traffic although it is not directly related.

Now let's look back at our previous equation which is High PR = more backlinks. So typically our full equation will looks like this:

High PR =
more backlinks = improve SEOs = Improved SERPs = Higher Traffic

So we can say that high PR do help in getting more traffic indirectly. Therefore, do not say that having high PR is useless because it will lead to more traffic. However, you hear a lot of debates that PR are useless and not important at all. This is because focusing on improving your SEOs will eventually lead to higher PR as well. That is the reason why people prefer to improve SEOs rather than concentrate on getting PR.

But there are actually benefit of getting PR as well which is it will lead to more comments because people want to get a backlink from high PR site. Don't you wan more comments on your post too? If you don't believe me, you will see the difference once your blog get updated with PR. Hopefully mine get some nice PR rank on the next update too.

Hope this first question of blogging examination will give you better understanding on the blogging fundamentals. Stay tune for my discussion on the 2nd question.

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How I Obtain 76 Backlinks On Google In 1 month - Part 1

I have mention earlier on the importance of backlinks earlier on my blog. After this 1 month plus of blogging, I find out what are the best ways to obtain backlinks that are recognised by Google. These backlinks would certainly help me in getting some juicy PR when the next Google update arrived.

This will be a series of post on how to build quality backlinks indexed by Google and this post will be on how to build quality backlinks by commenting on blogs.

Commenting On Blogs

I feel that commenting on blogs actually help me a lot in obtaining backlinks. I gave constructive comments on related topic blogs and contribute to the content of the post. If you notice, I did not comment for the sake of obtaining backlinks but instead I comment because I feel that I have something in which I could contribute to the community.

I know there are times where people deleted my comments because my comment has actually rebuked some of the content points that they have post. I know that by doing so I will risk my comment being deleted but I just don't like to just say that their post is good even though I disagree with their content. I know bloggers love to hear good comments but I do not want to deceive myself.

I personally feel there is nothing wrong if you really make a mistake in your post and someone actually corrected you. It creates a learning opportunity for yourself as well as your blog community. I urge all bloggers to be more "open" and be ready to accept criticism.

However, there are difference between commenting on a "dofollow" and a "nofollow" blog. Read on for more details.

"DoFollow" Vs "NoFollow"

It is always better to comment on blogs that are "dofollow" in order to get backlinks. What is "dofollow"? It is basically a term to describe whether a website allow spiders to crawl weblinks that are shown on the page. So for example, when you comment on a "dofollow" blog with your web URL attached to the comment, Google's spider that crawl the "dofollow" blog will crawl to yours as well due to the web URL you have left in the comment section. The "nofollow" blog works directly the opposite.

I know the next question would probably be how would I know if the blog is "dofollow" or "nofollow". I personally use Firefox as my internet browser because I love the plug ins that are available. In this case, I used a plug in from ZacheryFox's . This plug in will highlight links on the website that are "nofollow" or "dofollow" with different colour codes. Pink highlighted links mean "nofollow" while violet highlighed links mean "dofollow". I recommend using this plug in because it will be easier to identify the nature of the links and you can do it just by browsing the website with this plug in on.

I have to admit that I am not very technical abled and do not know how I could help you if you are using IE as your internet browser. Anyone here using IE that will be able to help me with this?

3 Reasons Why People Use "NoFollow"

1) Paid Links

Google hates paid links and therefore blogs that actually put paid links on their site will usually be "nofollow". Paid links are links paid by the owner of the link to place it on another website usually with high PR. This is because they want to get some quality backlinks from high PR websites in the easier way in which this case is by paying. As a result, Google advises blog to set to the "NoFollow" attribute in which the paid link will not get any PR juice but will still received traffic from it.

2) Prevent Comment Spams

Many bloggers know that they can get some great backlinks if they leave their URL on the comment section of other blogs. As a result, they will go around just to promote their website in other blog's comment section instead of providing constructive comments. These group of people are also the cause to why blogs begin to take the "nofollow" attributes.

3) For you to discuss and let me know. Think about this and post in the comments to share with the rest. If you are wondering, my blog is a "DoFollow" blog.

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My Traffic Went Down =(

Recently my traffic went slightly down. I was getting almost 250 unique visitors daily on average on the first and second week of August. But now I am currently having only 150 visitors daily. What went wrong??? Quite sad to say that but I just want to show the facts of my blog. Hopefully you all would not run away from my blog just because my results have dropped slightly.

I am not an internet guru that you all think I am or may be. I am also learning on the process of blogging. But the drop in traffic has really startled me this few days and I begin to worry. Maybe because I am getting lazy to market my blog. So please don't be learn this from me. :)

I will try to pick my traffic up again and try to go back to my 300 unique visitors daily. Will update you guys again when my traffic shoots up. Hopefully the contest will help to pick up some traffic. This are the list of things that I did not do recently and resulted in the drop of traffic:

1) Not participating in any social bookmarking sites like digg, bloggingzoom
2) Not being active in the forums I used to visit
3) Lastly, not posting any more new articles to ezinearticles.com

But I am glad that my RSS feed count are shooting up. Currently at 132 subscribers. I know you all might feel bored reading at this kind of post but I really want to tell you guys on my error which is being lazy and hope you all don't follow me.

My weekly alexa ranking have decreased from 195,000 to 290,000 at the moment. I will do my best this few days to bring it down. Way to go man Wei Liang!!

Good news!!

One good news for you all now. I have just completed my writing on
how to make money online by blogging. It covers some fundamentals of blogging and how can you use blogging as a tool to earn money online. So if you wish to get a copy of it, do subscribe to my newsletter which you can see on your right.

Have fun reading :)

Contest : Win Cash + Amazon Gift Cards

I am proud to share my results with you guys because you are the ones who helped me attain my target. My goal for this month was to get over 90 subscribers and my current subscribers count is at 114. Thank you for your support for making this blog at successful one.

I would like to use this opportunity to start a contest to give away some prizes to the you guys.

How to join:

Step 1: Subscribe to my feed via email subscription below :

Enter your email address:

Delivered by FeedBurner

Step 2: Blog about this contest and post the URL in which you blog about the contest in the comments. ( Creating of a new blog just to blog about this contest is forbidded with effect from now which is 300808 1146pm GMT +8. )

(a) Include a 100 words on why you think successbiz4all is good and create a link back to successbiz4all.
(b) Why you join this contest?

You must completed Step 1 in order to qualify for the contest. Step 2 is optional but will give you 2 chances for the contest.

Contest prizes:

1st prize - USD $50 + $30 Amazon.com gift card
2nd prize - USD $30 + $20 Amazon.com gift card
3rd prize - USD $10 + $10 Amazon.com gift card

I might include prize for 4th - 10th prize should the number of people who participates exceed 200. All cash prizes will be transferred via paypal. Should paypal be unavailable in your country, I will convert the cash to amazon.com gift card.

Those that are already in my RSS email subscription will be automatically qualified for this contest.

Contest will ends on 15th September, 2008. Winner will be selected through the random.org list randomizer. Results will be posted here on 16th September, 2008.

Good luck all.

What Is RSS

RSS stands for "Really Simple Syndication". It is used to subscribe to the feed of a website and by doing so you do not need to go to visit the website to read the latest content. In layman terms, it becomes like a 2nd duplicate blog. Contents that are found on the actual URL of the blog can be seen in the RSS feed as well. You can find many websites with the RSS technology and it is usually represented by a orange button which looks like the one on the left.

How Does It Benefit User

There are so many blogs and websites on the Internet nowadays and are always updating their content every now and then. However, let's say if you like to keep track of the content for 20 different websites, does it means that you will bookmarked them and check on it every single day for updates?

This makes life difficult for the users because they do not want to miss out any content that the website has updated but at the same time it is too troublesome for them to check the websites everyday for updates. Therefore, that is when RSS will come into play and solve this situation.

When you subscribe to the RSS of a website, you leave the job of tracking for updates to the RSS. Whenever there is an update on the website that you subscribe to, it will send a notification to the RSS. Therefore, instead of checking 1 by 1 on the 20 websites that you liked, you will instantly know when there are updates if you subscribe to their RSS.

How To View RSS

Special programs are required to view the RSS and they are known as 'RSS aggregators' or in my terms I called these programs RSS readers. You need these programs in order to read the RSS. There are so many programs that you can find on the Internet and the more commonly used ones are Google Reader, My Yahoo and Bloglines. You can sign up with them and view the RSS with it.

Other than the RSS readers, you can also subscribe to the RSS via email if the option is given. You can see that I provided this option on the top right corner of my blog. Therefore, whenever there is an update on my blog, an email will be send to you to notify you.

How To Subscribe RSS

When you click on my RSS feed, you will be taken to a page which looks like this:

The area where I circle in red is the RSS readers in which you have sign up for. Choose the RSS readers or you could even subscribe to RSS via email in which I mention earlier on. Once you have completed this process, you have successfully subscribed to the RSS and your RSS reader will be notified whenever there is an update on the website. Therefore, you are only required to check your RSS reader instead of going to the individual website 1 by 1.

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8 Tips To Increase Your RSS Subsciptions

RSS means Really Simple Syndication which is used to publish frequently updated content such as blog entries. RSS makes it easier for people who want to get content update from a particular website automatically. Instead of checking on the website manually, RSS will update on the RSS reader that you have used like Google Reader, Bloglines etc.

You might ask why not you just bookmarked the website? Yes, you can do it but bookmark will not show you if the website has any updates. To make it convenient for users, it will be easier to subscribe to RSS which is commonly known as the blog's feed to let the RSS do the updating of websites. I will do another post on what exactly RSS is but this is just a rough introduction only.

Why Do You Want Good RSS Subscription Figures

I find RSS subscriptions a form of social proof to your readers which will tell them that there is actually people reading your content. When there is at least 50 subscribers, people dropping by to your blog might actually stop and read on your content. Human actually act in a very unique way in which they love to follow the crowd. So when this is applied over to RSS subscriptions, high RSS subscriptions will capture the new unique visitors attention and get them to read the content of your blog. Therefore, this gives your blog a chance to showcase the quality content that you have. Read more on how to increase your RSS.

8 Tips To Increase RSS Subscriptions

1) Make your RSS button prominent

I often see blogs with RSS button not placed above the first fold of the website. When I say first fold, I mean the blog area in which readers do not need to scroll down. This actually makes a difference because your readers might be lazy to scroll down all the way to find your RSS button. Therefore placing right on top of your website is the best spot. You can take my website as an example where I placed my RSS on the top right of the site. Get bigger RSS button will also increase the chances that readers will subscribe to your blog.

2) Provide alternative RSS subscription

New readers who just come into contact with blogs might not know what RSS is all about. Therefore, they might not know what the RSS buttons are for. Provide an email RSS subscription option for your readers which is the more traditional way for users. If you are new to blogging, you read on my earlier post on guide to inserting the email RSS subscription here.

3) Educate your readers on RSS

Like what I mention earlier, your readers might just come into contact with blogging and have no idea what RSS is. Therefore, you can write a post on RSS and placed a link right under your RSS button. This will allow your readers to know and understand what RSS is and how it works. At the same time, this increases the chance that they might subscribe to your blog.

4) Remind readers to subscribe to feed

You can add a link to your RSS feed at the end of every post to remind readers to subscribe to your RSS feed if they like your post. I started doing this a few days ago and it seems to work for my blog. People need to be reminded to get them to take the action which in this case is subscribing to our RSS feeds.

5) Run a contest

You can run a contest to encourage readers to subscribe to your RSS feed. This is a very effective method to increase RSS subscriptions as I have seen it to work on many blogs. You need to give away rewards when running the contest and it can be in terms of monetary rewards, products that you have, free review of website, free advertising spot on your website, Entrecard credits or any other things you can offer that is of value.

6) Give-away to your readers

You can give away an E-Book that you written to lure your readers to subscribe to your feed. This incentive will bring your readers forward to subscribe to your feed should they be hesitating to do so. But this give-away that you provide your readers will make them subscribe immediately.

7) Post series of content

You can consider to post a series of content for your niche. For example, in my case I can do a series of post on ways to increase traffic and split it into 4 parts. This will encourage readers to subscribe to your feed because they do not want to miss this series of your post

8) Guest post

Go around blogs of your similar niche and ask if they would like you to do a guest post. However, you will need to prove to them that you have quality content and ideas. Show them your blog and let them know the kind of articles that you produced. This not only will increase your RSS subscriptions but also the traffic to your blog.

This is what I will be doing to increase my RSS subscriptions in which some are already in place. I got results from doing some of the tips and have gotten 81 subscribers for a 5 week blog. Not too bad but I know could have been better.

What about you? Do you have any other ways to share to increase RSS subscriptions?

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5 Biggest Mistakes In Blogging

There are several issues in which I discovered in bloggers especially those that are new in the industry. If you notice, there are a large number of blogs created that claim to teach users how to make money online but most of the content that they posted are crap. They are either trying their luck on this niche or copying a successful blogger's model. Well, maybe it works for a while but definitely not long.

New bloggers often do not think hard enough on this and just plunge into creating this topic on making money online, thinking that they can earn some extra income. If you decided to follow the crowd on creating such niche, do at least have a certain amount of knowledge before starting on it because you will definitely not last long. Let us discuss on the common mistakes that bloggers did.

1) Thinking That Blogging Can Get Rich

This is what often happens when new bloggers just got started. They have the kind of mentality that blogging can get them rich because they saw how the other bloggers have done it. Yes, I do agree that blogging can get you a full-time income but it comes with effort and the amount of time you are willing to put into it. There are articles written that say they are earning 5 figure income from just 2-3 hours of work per day and this statement "WOW" many new bloggers. As a result, they started doing the exact same thing because this looks like the most "IN" thing in the Internet now. If you think this way, my advice is to quit blogging because this will not be your cup of tea.

Blogging is like a business in which you need to plan the strategy and approach. You have to learn on what blogging is all about before you can even think of succeeding in this field. Work this out on a mind map and brainstorm hard on what you want to achieve from blogging before you actually rush into this.

2) Not Learning Information From Multiple Sources

I recommend bloggers to learn from a few sources instead of just one. Read on the blog of those that have already established themselves as a Guru in that niche as well as those that are rising or proving that they have knowledge in this niche. In this case, you can find out what are the elements that are lacking in those blogs and you can utilise this to become your unique selling point.

Many would definitely neglect this stage because they are too obsessed with the amount of money that they think they could earn from blogging and put all their effort in just trying to set up a blog. This will be plain silly because there is no difference in your blog compared to the rest. There are so many newsletters and e-zines in which you can get for free and work into it. This will give you a rough guide on what kind of information has already been repeated a lot of times and you would try to avoid going into the same path.

3) Copying Instead Of Innovating

If you noticed, there are many blogs of the same niche and talking about the same content. Instead of refining and adding in more creative and juicy content, new bloggers just merely write the exact same content from other blogs but they just write it in a slightly different way. Do you think this will give you any uniqueness in your blog?

The answer is no. Every single business must have their own unique selling point before attracting the masses to your product or content. Therefore, I consider copying is a taboo in the blogging world. Create your own unique content for your readers so that they find their time worthwhile to read your post.

4) Poor Time Management

From what I have observed, new bloggers are often very much focused on the results of their blogs. What I meant was they are too concerned in issues like how much traffic they are getting, how much sales they have made etc. They go through all the statistics webpage that they have joined and view on the visitors information etc. This sometimes take them close to 1-2 hours just on this alone. As a result, they are left with very little time for content and marketing.

I am not trying to say that you should neglect tracking your results but instead prioritise on what are the more important issues that you should attend to first. In this case, the most important errands that every blogger should do first is creating quality content. Do not lose focus on content creation because this is often what that keeps your visitor coming back again.

Unless you are trying to tell me that you are a full time blogger and you have lots of time to spare, then by all means do what you want. But many bloggers are doing this as a part-time income and therefore should manage their time better so that the content and marketing aspects are well met.

5) Being Lazy Too Early

I know many bloggers want to achieve internet business or blogging to become their full time income. And they have seen how the other successful bloggers have earn 5 figure income from just 2-3 hours of work. Therefore, they thought that this applies to them as well. But do you know that every successful blogger work very hard at the beginning of their journey. They do not work just 2-3 hours a day but in fact some work close to 16 hours a day.

They work hard for their financial freedom and they are only enjoying the life of freedom after 1-2 years of hard work. So wake up and be more sensible as well as realistic. Plan and manage your time well to achieve whatever that you want to do for the day. Don't be lazy and post on your blog once every week. My advice is to try to create at least 3 quality posts every week and stick to this plan. You can even come out with a work schedule which you want to achieve daily. I have one myself and I try my very best to stick to it unless I am really tied up at school.

This are based on my observations and you may agree or disagree on this. Do comment in if you violently object to what I have discussed. Do reflect if you are doing the mistakes that I have said.

Lastly, its weekend again. Enjoy yourselves.

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Creating An Email Subscription Opt In Box

A short post on creating an Email subscription Opt In Box. For those that do not know how to add this to your blogger blog, do read on for the step by step guide on this.

What Is The Purpose Of Email Subscription Box

This provides an alternative for users because there might be times where they do not know what are the ways to subscribe to your blog except through Email. Therefore, we need to use a more traditional way to allow the users to subscribe to our blog.

This also eliminates the user confusion on what the different feed readers like Google Reader, Bloglines are about since you have created another alternative for them which is through Email.

How To Add

First, you need to have a feedburner account first. I am sure most of you would have this. After which go to the Publicize Tab as shown in the image circled in blue below. Click on it followed by the Email Subscription tab in which I have circled in red .

After which, you need to copy the code provided. Proceed on to your Blogger dashboard at www.blogger.com and go to My Layout tab. Click on it and you will come the Page Elements sub tab. Click on the add a gadget which looks like the image below.

Select on the HTML/Javascript and paste the entire code that you copy earlier on from FeedBurner.

Go back to your Feedburner and click on the activate button which can be found right at the bottom of the Email Subscription Tab.

Users can now subscribe through email to your blog. You can also test by keying in your own email to see if it works. A newsletter email opt in box is also equally important and I will be going more indepth into it some time later.

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Review on CreditBurner

It has been quite some time in which I post another source of income of you guys. Hopefully the previous sources that I introduce have work out for you. Ok now let's move on to another source of income which is CreditBurner.

Some people ask me " Hey Wei Liang, do you get a cut in introducing us the programs? " My answer is yes because I get referrals to join program and in turn I will be getting certain amount of commissions for that. And this is what I want the rest of you to do as well. Once you have join this particular money network and use it, review it and let the rest of your readers know about this as well. In turn you could earn some commissions by referring them to the program too.

Then again some people ask me " Hey Wei Liang, why don't you cloak your affliate links? " To me, I find it not necessary to do so because I do not want to hide the fact that I am an affliate of the program. If people do not want to sign up under you, no matter how you hide or cloak the link, they will still stand by their same decision.

Ok I shall cut the crap and start my review on CreditBurner.

What Is CreditBurner

CreditBurner is a PTP (Paid to Promote) network system. This means that you will be paid by promoting some advertisements assigned by them. They have various forms of advertising which include banners and link texts. Basically it is like putting up some advertisements and earning some credits from it.

How Does CreditBurner Works

It is different from the pay per click advertising in which you need people to click on your ads to earn some money. In this program, they will paying you by per 1000 impressions. Per 1000 impressions mean you need to expose your blog or websites to 1000 visitors and you will be paid for that. You do no require the visitors to click on the ads for you to earn.

There are different payment for different forms of ads that you put up. For example, if you put up banner ads like the one below, you will be earning about $1 per 1000 impressions. Placing banners are one of the more lower paid ads to put up.

However, if you decided to put up ads in which CreditBurner called Treasure Ads which is something like banner ads but much more bigger in size, you will be paid from $2.00 to $50.00 per 1000 impressions. On top of this, you could be paid with additional $1.50 to $25.00 for the secret treasures - this is also the reason why CreditBurner called it Treasure Ads. Different advertisers might be paying different amount for 1 exposure of the ads. Therefore, there is a range of amount that you could be paid.

You can also refer publishers to them in which you can earn 14% commission from whatever your referral earns. This also another way of earning extra income from this program. This program requires very low payout which is only USD $2.50. I think this is another channel in which bloggers can earn money for a start as well.

How It Benefit You

This is especially beneficial for those that have difficulty in earning from Google Adsense because you need people to click on the ads for you to earn some money. Using this program, you don't have to worry if people click on the ads or not because it would not affect the amount that you will earn. As long as there are traffic to your blog, you will earn some cash from it.

I find this program another good alternative to Google Adsense if it is not converting cash for you. Do try this out and see how it works for you.

If you are keen to try this program, you can sign up through my link here.

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What Is SEOs

Search Engine Optimization ( SEOs ) is the process of improving the volume and quality of traffic to a website from search engines via organic search results for targeted keywords. What does this exactly mean? Simply put, this means improving the position of your webpage or blogs in the search engine result page ( SERPs ). For example, my previous post on how I top google search result ranking is an example of SEOs.

Why Is SEOs Important

We need to refer back to the definitions on SEOs which is the process of improving quality traffic from search engines. With this, we know that better SEOs would mean that our page would rank higher in a particular keyword search. The higher your site is on the list of SERPs, the higher the chances that it will be seen which also means more traffic for your website or blog.

If you are able to get your site to rank on the 1st page in a particular keyword search, the chances of visitors coming to your site is higher. I am saying this because I put myself into the searcher's shoes and I know that I would seldom go into the 2nd page of the search results. And because of this kind of mindset, SEOs are a very important criteria to improve on for all websites.

Of course, SEOs are not the only criteria to rank high on the SERPs because Google PR plays a part in this as well. After reading this post, do read my previous post on tips to improve your Google PR.

Two forms Of SEOs

There are 2 forms of SEOs. One which is using keyword density and the other using images. Keyword density basically means how many times a particular keywords appear on your website. However, do be careful that you do not purposely spam the keyword as this will cause Google to penalise you instead. Keep the keyword density below 5% . You can get more information regarding this on my previous post.

Using images is another form to improve your SEOs. People do go online to search for images and keywords are use to match the images. There are also image search engines to make it easier for people to look for what they want. Therefore, you could actually post the image to the search engine to improve on your SEOs. The major image search engines are actually Google, Picsearch and Yahoo. This is also another approach in which you can explore in to get traffic if your topic allows you to post a lot of images.

Two Approaches To SEOs

There are actually 2 approaches to improve SEOs - White Hat SEOs and Black Hat SEOs. Basically from the word itself, I am sure you can deduce which is the wiser approach to choose. Anyway, I will explain on the 2 approaches.

By definition, White Hat SEOs are websites that try to follow all of the search engine guidelines to optimize its site. At the same time, White Hat SEOs also ensure that the content a search engines indexes is the same content as what the reader sees on the webpage itself. You might be thinking what does this exactly mean but don't worry because once I tell you about Black Hat SEOs, you will automatically understand this portion. Therefore, it is said the White Hat SEOs create content for the web users and not for the search engines.

Black Hat SEOs on the hand trys to improve its web ranking in ways that do not follow the search engines guidelines. For the case of Black Hat SEOs, the content shown to the web users and search engines are different. A method called cloaking which causes the content to be different between web users and search engines. There are too much technical aspects in this in which I shall not say too much into this.

The consequences of using Black Hat SEOs would be rather heavy once it has been found by Google. Google PR would be reduced or even the whole index of the webpage is taken off from Google. That is how serious Black Hat SEOs can be so avoid on this. If you intend to engage SEOs expertise to help on your website, I suggest you do research on the company first because deciding on their service because you never know if they are actually engaging on the correct SEOs method.

2 Brief Ways to Improve SEOs

Improving SEOs can be categorised into 2 ways - On Page SEO and Off Page SEO.

On page SEOs basically means actions in which you can take on your own website to improve in the SERPs. This can generally be done through niche keyword selection, usage of meta tags and even images.

Off page SEOs means the creation of quality backlinks to your website. Similarly, you can read more regarding backlinks here.

I will be giving more detailed post on how to improve your SEOs later on. Post in my comments on what you think can improve your SEOs and I will tell you whether are you on the right track or not.

It is getting quite late here and I guess I got to go catch my sleep. Enojy reading :)

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Yahoo! Buzz went online

Hello my blog readers, I am sharing this great news to you if you have no idea on this Yahoo! Buzz. This should be the hottest topic for alot of bloggers and will definitely benefit from this should you read further.

Yahoo! Buzz is a new social media which is similar to the current bookmarking program such as Digg. So what are you waiting for? This is another great way to get traffic to your blog. Submit a post related to your blog's niche and let the rest of your readers know about it. You could even consider adding the Yahoo! Buzz buttons to make it easier for your readers to vote for your post.

With Yahoo! being the world's number 1 traffic, they would probably go popular very soon. Not to mention their advertising which will get more and more people to know about this. Tap onto the traffic of Yahoo! and redirect it to your own blog too.

Have fun buzzling guys.

Submitting Blogger Sitemap To Google

Hi all. Creating this post for my buddy chethan who is asking how to submit a blogger sitemap to Google. Therefore, I might as well share this with the rest of you guys who might not know what to do. The purpose of submitting a blogger sitemap to Google Webmasters Tools is to make it easier for Google to find and index our page. Please be aware that submitting sitemap has no direct effect on the Google PR.

Firstly, go create an account with Google Webmasters Tools. The first time that you login into Webmasters Tools, you will need to key in your blog URL. After which, you need to verify that this is your site.

Click on the Manage site verification and there are 2 ways in which you can verify. The first one is by creating the indicated HTML file and the other is to add the meta tag. Due to the fact that we could not create a HTML as it need to be uploaded to the root directory, we need to use Meta Tag method.

Copy the Meta Code that is generated. Next go to your Blogger Dashboard and click on Layout followed by Edit HTML. Place the Meta code directly below the head tag which is something like this:

If you can't find the head tag, you can press Ctrl+F and search for it. Once done, go back to Google Webmaster Tools and clicked on the verify button.

Ok now we are all set and ready to use Google Webmasters Tools. You can get an overview of when your website is crawled by Google, how many of your site is indexed etc. But most imporantly, you can see what are you Top Search Queries. Top Search Queries basically means that your site actually appeared on Google search results when people are searching for a particular query or keyword. You could also see your position in the search engine results. Therefore, you could work on that particular keyword which will improve on your SEOs. I will touch on this more when I post regarding SEOs.

Next go to Sitemaps and click on add sitemap. Select add a general web sitemap.

Add this as your sitemap address:


Ta Dah! Your sitemap has been submitted to Google and you will expect Google spider to reach your blog more often.

And one more thing that is to subscribe to my feed if your like my post.

Enjoy your day guys :)

Tips To Improve Alexa Ranks

Alexa is a subsidary of Amazon.com is a website which provides information on the traffic levels for websites. Alexa is also one of the largest web ranking system in the Internet.

Alexa Rank is measured according to the number of users who have visited a website and with the alexa toolbar installed on their browser.

Alexa rank is shown in numerical figures in which the smaller figures meant that the websites have higher traffic. You can take a look at my alexa ranking here.

Why Is Alexa Rank Important

This becomes important when you want to monetize your blogs by selling advertisements space and text link to advertiser or ads network. They often use Alexa Rank as a gauge to whether it is worth the money to buy the advertisement spots on your blog. Lower Alexa Rank would also mean that you have ask for a better offer from the advertisers.

ReviewMe and Text Link Ads are examples of ad networks that placed importance on Alexa Rank.

What You Need To Do First

That depends on the type of browser you are using. For those using Internet Explorer, you can download the toolbar here. And for those using Firefox, you can download this add-ons called the Search Status which displays Alexa Rank, Google PR and many other useful features.

I personally think Search Status is easier because it does not take up an additional space on your browser. You can see clearly from the picture on the right how Search Status looks like which occupy only the bottom right corner of your browser.

You can also check your blog's keyword density, number of backlinks and the indexed pages on the various search engines. I feel that this is a very good SEOs tool that all bloggers should have.

Tips To Improve Alexa Rank

With some knowledge on what Alexa is, we will now look at how we can improve our Alexa Rank. The below mention tips are what have been said by webmasters that it works so you have to try it to see if it works for your case. However, I feel that as long as you produce quality content, your traffic will start coming in slowly. I always believe quality content is the key to draw the readers' attention.

1) Install Alexa Toolbar or Search Status

After doing which, you need to set your blog as the homepage. This is said to work by many webmasters but I am not really sure but you could try it. However, I do have doubt on this method because if this is the case, then many people would just keep re-entering their own blog in hope to increase the Alexa Rank. Or maybe there is a system on Alexa counting the daily unique visitor on their ranking system.

2) Put an Alexa rank widget on your webpage

Leave the widget on your blog and every click on the widget is said to be counted as a visit even when visitors do not have the Alexa Toolbar or Search Status installed. I am currently in the process of trying this out but I seldom got any clicks on the widget. My guess would be because visitors nowadays know the importance of Alexa Rank and have it already installed and are no longer fascinated by the new term "Alexa Rank"

3) Participate in Webmasters Forum

Leave constructive opinion on the webmaster forum and create a signature to put your blog URL link in. This webmasters would usually have Alexa Toolbar installed and might give a visit to your blog. You definitely must participate in Digital Point Forum as the discussions in there are of good quality and you could also contribute your point of view.

4) Use of Social Bookmarking

Produce quality article or post. When your post get submitted to Digg or StumbleUpon, you would get some quality visitors to your blog.

5) PPC Campaigns

You could also pay to get traffic from PPC advertising company like Google Adwords and Bidvertiser. This is definitely the fastest way but also the most costly way to get traffic.

6) Quality Content

This would work doubly good if your blog is about webmasters resource like blogging tips and internet marketing. This is because visitors that come to your blog are those that most probably know about Alexa Rank and are finding ways to improve it.

This are basically the tips that you could use to improve your Alexa Rank. However, do not expect it to drop to below 100,000 overnight because it takes some time. My advice would be to produce quality content for your readers and I assure you that your Alexa Rank will improved by the end of 2nd month. Producing quality content is the passive way to build up on your Alexa Rank.

That is basically what I have for Alexa Rank. Do give it a try and monitor on the results. Have fun blogging.

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Social Networking Media - Plurk

Just thought I would want to share with you guys on this Plurk. This is another social media in which I have just joined. You could interact with people all over the whole and it works like twitter. But, I find this very much more interesting compared to twitter.

Basically, it works on a timeline and you can key in whatever you want in the textbox. After which it will appear on the timeline and you can choose to show it to the rest of the plurk community. You could also tell people that you have a new post on your blog and people might just click on it to see it.

I hope to see you in there should you have spare time to meddle with yet another social media. By the way, is there anyone of you here already a plurk member? Do comment on how you find this social media because I'm relatively new in this.

Articles Archives

I have decided to do an article archives so that it will be a breeze to browse through my blog without having to search high and low for it. I recommend you guys to do it too because it will look more organised to your readers.

Money Making Opportunities

List Building

Traffic & SEOs

Internet Marketing Fundamentals

Blogging Tips

Product Review

Social Networking Media

Tips To Get Indexed Faster By Google

I decided to come out with this post because I have readers emailing me to ask me why is their blog not being indexed by Google. In fact, we could only wait for Google's spiders to crawl to our blog and indexed it. To request for this, we need to submit our URL to Google submit page.

Although we can only wait for our blog to be indexed by Google, but we can actually hasten the process for Google's spider to crawl to our blog. This may not be a very accurate way but I believe it do helps in hastening the process. We shall discuss in depth on this post below.

1) Submitting your blogs to directories

Submit your blogs to directories like DMOZ and only to Yahoo Directory if you are rich because it cost US$ 299.00 to submit your blog. However, you will need to wait for some time to get your URL to be accepted by DMOZ. The reason for submitting to directory is because these directories are crawl more often by Google's spider and if your link are found in there, the chances of your blog getting indexed are highed and faster.

2) Links with higher traffic

If you could get a link exchange from a website with high traffic, you could also get your blog to be indexed by Google faster. This is the same reason as submitting to directory but I am suggesting this as well because you will have to wait for your URL to be approved by the directory. Therefore, we might as well do something more to get our blogs more easily indexed by Google.

3) Submitting a sitemap

Submitting a sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools will also helps in your blog getting indexed faster. Not really sure if you all understand why people submit sitemaps to Google so I will explain a little here.

Sitemap is a list of pages available on your webpage. Therefore, submitting a sitemap to Google helps to make sure that all the pages on your site will be crawled. As a result, more of your pages will be indexed.

4) Writing Articles

Posting articles to article directory like EzineArticle is helpful too because Google's spider crawl this webpages daily and your the link place on your articles will lead Google's spider back to your blog. This again hasten the process that your blog will be indexed by Google. This will help you in getting traffic in long term too. Do read my post on article marketing for more details.

After getting indexed by Google, I'm sure most of us will work towards getting a Page Rank from Google. Your read more regarding Page Rank and tips to improve it here.

If you notice all the 4 tips have one thing in common, that is to get your links on high traffic websites so that Google's spider will crawl to your blog sooner. Do comment below if you have other ways to improve your time to get indexed by Google.

Catch up again later guys :) Enjoying my last moment of weekends

Successbiz4all Celebrates 1st Month

Congratulation Successbiz4all. We have hit our 1 month in the blogosphere. I was thinking of sharing my blog stats with the rest of my readers. I could have done better if not for my hours spend in school.

Let's take a look at my statistics so far:

  • Reflected as 1963 visits but actual visits should be 2350 ( Joined sitemeter only on 24th)
  • About 80 visitors daily
  • 4200+ page views
  • Close to 30 newsletter subscribers
  • 40+ feed subscribers
  • Alexa ranking dropped to around 1.2 million

If you take a close look at the statistics provided, the number of visitors actually rise from 300+ to 1500+ which is almost 5 times.

I did whatever ways to gain traffic that I posted here and this was the result I gotten. I should be able to hit 4000+ visits for my 2nd month in blogosphere. However, this is all not possible without the support from the rest of you guys.

Thanks for your support and Cheers to Successbiz4all

How I Top A Keyword For Google

Not much response from the previous poll. Never mind not to worry since mine is a new blog less than 1 month old. I shall share on how i top a keyword in Google for today.

Many of you know that if you are able to top a certain keyword in Google, it will help you to get traffic from the search engine. But how do you exactly do it? Definitely the it is through SEOs.
SEOs means Search Engine Optimization. There is a lot to learn from SEOs and you need to improve on this for your blog to move on further and get more traffic. However, I would not touch on this in depth today.

I will just be focusing on one feature for SEOs which is keyword density on your blog and this alone helps me to rank top on Google search results.

What is keyword density

Keyword density is the measurement of how many times a particular keyword appears on your webpage. This is one component you need to focus on to improve on your SEOs. However, do be aware that Google have certain measures in place to prevent webmasters from spamming a particular keyword or phrase just to get ranked higher in Google search results.

Search for a keyword niche

When you want to get ranked top in Google search results, you need to find a keyword niche in which very few webpages are using. In my case, I choose to use the program that I promote which is Freebies4Webmasters. When I started this search in Google, I found that there were less than 100 webpages indexed for it. I then knew that I have found a new niche keyword.

Therefore, I mass promoted this program to the various social networking media so that I could get ranked higher in the SEOs. After 1 week of hard work and marketing, I managed to top Google Search Results on this particular keyword Freebies4Webmasters. Although this is a very small niche, it will grow fast very soon. At this time when I am typing this post, the keyword Freebies4Webmasters have already over 1 thousand pages indexed.

I did a screenshot of the search results and do check to see.

Therefore, choosing on a niche keyword is very important. You can search for keyword tools to see which keyword do not have much competitors. The best keyword tools you can find is Google adwords keyword tool in which you need to register with Google Adwords and keyword tool can be found within it.

What if I want to top a competitive keyword?

Yes, you can definitely do it but it takes a lot of time to get your webpage rank top should the keyword you want to use are highly competitive. Examples include keyword phrase like "how to earn money online" need to take a lot of effort to improve on your SEOs before you could rank top. I will be discussing on this in my later post.

Ok to recap the whole post. The lesson you have learn from this post is find a niche keyword and used it in combination with not more than 10% keyword density on a particular keyword or Google might take it that you are spamming. You can use this keyword density check program to check your percentage of keyword density.

That's all for now. Next post will be giving more indepth knowledge on what exactly SEOs.
Have a nice weekend.

Which one do you want to know?

Hi guys,

I am pretty busy in school today. Yes, you did not see it wrong. I mention school. Haha..
I am currently taking my courses in Singapore at an institution called SIM. I know most of you wouldn't know unless you stay in Singapore.

But anyway, I'm afraid I can't come out with any post today due to the time constraint and I do not want to rush out a sub-standard post to let you all read. So I decide to let you guys choose which topic you all want to know more about. Do participate in the poll below. Hope to see at least some participation in there.

Get This - Survey Results - GlowDay.com

I will post again tomorrow after I gotten some feedback.
By the way, hope to see my feed count jump to 50 tomorrow. Do click on the RSS button on the top right or subscribe via email.
Good night for now. Zzzz

8 Tips To Increase Your Page Rank

As promised, I will be providing the tips to increase your Google Page Rank. Do read on my first post if you have no idea what PR are. Firstly, you need to understand that PR is updated once every few months. Therefore, if your blog is new ( like mine ), we will have to wait for the next update to see if your PR increase or decrease.

1) Linking to a higher page rank site

Yes, this is difficult but it can be done. If you prove that you are an expert in the same niche and at the same time comes out with different ideas for the same approach. For example, you are blogging on "how to play billard" and you have a trick that has not been featured on that particular high ranking blog, you scored a point.

2) Submit to directories

Submit to directories like Yahoo Directory. This will also create a backlink to your blog. However, some directory do require you to link back to their blog as well so that your blog will be featured higher compared to others. A directory which you must go is Qassia which provide unlimited quality linkback to your blog.

3) Frequent update of your blog with unique content

Interesting content often makes your blog 'sticky'. 'Sticky' in this context means your visitors revisit your blog for more information which they want to know. This will increase the chance that they will link to your blog due to your fantastic content. That is the reason why your content must be unique.

4) Linking to your old articles

Link back to your old articles. This increases the time that visitors will stayed at your blog due to more detailed content. Most importantly, this will increase the chances of your other webpage with PR increase as well. I'm sure you would want your articles to have some PR ranking as well other than your homepage.

5) Adding your article to social networking group

Add your article to places like digg, stumble upon, reddit etc. and you could get linkbacks from them as well. Do not underestimate the power of this social networking group.

6) Participate in forums

This is often neglected by most bloggers because they think it is useless. In fact, if you visit forums of your related niche and actually comment on some of the questions ask by people, you could actually gain some nice reputation over your niche. At the same time, leave your blog link at the signature column which might create some backlinks. Although there are arguements that link on signature are not counted as backlinks but even if it is true, you create some additional traffic for your blog.

7) Have a sitemap

Having a sitemap makes it easier for Google spiders to crawl and index your page. If you have a more organised blog, your page rank will be improved as well.

8) Buying ad links from high PR site

There are some high PR sites who sell links to be placed on their website as backlinks. This is the fastest and easiest way but sooner or later the high PR site will be penalised by Google. However, this doensn't affect you directly because these are inlinks to your site and not reciprocal links. When I say reciprocal links, it means mutal links from 2 blogs. For example, let's look at amos and coco blog. When amos link to coco blog and coco link to amos blog, this is called reciprocal link.

Work on the tips to see your PR grow on the next update. Have fun. Will blog again tomorrow.
Good night.

About Me

Hi guys,

I decided to do a post about myself and what I hope to achieve for myself as well as to my readers.

My name is Felix Goh Wei Liang and I am a 22 years old guy who lives in Singapore. You can address me as Felix or Wei Liang whichever you feel more comfortable with. I have been looking for opportunities to earn income online but failed terribly at the start of my blogging experience. There was no one to guide me and to recommend me to the type of programs which could actually let me earn money. All I know was Google Adsense which could only fetch me like $5.00 a month. I like many new internet marketers wanted to give up when I saw the pathetic results that I've gotten.

However, the freedom from 8-5 work drive me to carry on. I wanted to succeed in this line or at least make 2-3k extra income from blogging because I really hate that kind of life to report to your company from Monday to Friday and doing the same stuff over and over again. I want to lead a life where I can work as and when I like and yet earn sufficient income for me to sustain my daily spendings.

To be honest, I am not like those internet gurus who can earn 5 figure a month from blogging at the moment. However, I believe I could achieve that 1 day when I establish myself as a blogger who can help new bloggers achieve their first income online. I feel that this is important even though it is just 50 dollars in your first month of blogging as you will have a sense of achievement and continue to work hard.

My Vision

I aim to let every reader on my blog to earn at least 100 dollars in their first month of blogging. Apart from just telling you the programs to earn income, I will be telling you how you can refer people to join this program and earn from it as well. As a result, you need to get traffic to your website in order to achieve this. You can see that a portion of my blog is on traffic building and other blogging tips.

I truly believe in this phrase "you reap what you sow". If you work hard towards your goal, you will achieve it. However, don't expect it to be a smooth one. If you give up halfway, it shows how much determination you have as a person.

My Goal

To establish myself as a mentor to guide new blogger to earn their first income online. At the same time teaching new bloggers how to catch fish instead of just giving them the fish.

Review on Homepages Friends

Another easy program for you guys again. I'm sure you all will thank me for this. If you all have been following my post, by now your should be making like at least USD$20-30 per month. Of course this is little but as time passes and if you join every single program that I recommend, you would be earning at least USD$100 per month by mid September.

It is difficult for me to prove it to you if this works and I feel that best way is to trust me and join the program I recommend. Every single program I recommend will not cost you a single cent. Ok I shall cut the crap and recommend Homepages Friends to you.

I shall refer Homepages Friends to HPF from now on.

What Is Homepages Friends

It is your own search homepage which works the same way as the search engines that you know such as Google, Yahoo etc. This question should be revolving inside your mind "Then I might as well use Yahoo or Google to do the search"

Yup you are right on target. Now I am going to introduce to you HPF which is similarly to Google and Yahoo yet letting you earn some extra income while doing your search.

How Does Homepages Friends Work

Firstly, you need to register with HPF which is 100% free. HPF is free due to the fact that income earn by you are spilt 50/50 with them. After which, you will need to set HPF as your homepage and you can begin you search. Make sure your Internet Browser is IE7 or Mozilla Firefox to qualify for the earnings as well.

Do your search as usual like how you used Google and Yahoo but now every single unique search will earn you some income. However, do not keep searching as there is a detection device by HPF to see if there is any fraud search. Results from the search are powered by Yahoo so this makes HPF very much useful and yet earning extra income at the same time.

How Can You Benefit From This System

I'm sure everyone of you reading my blog are using search engines to search for information that you want too. Therefore, why not use HPF to earn some money for every search that you made. However, I would like to emphasize again not to use the search just to earn income. Do your normal web browsing or search as usual.

You might be thinking that this is another lowly paid program but I feel that it is relatively reasonable. Since all of us search for information through the search engine, why don't we use SPH to do the search since the search results are powered by Yahoo.

How Much Can You Earn

This should be the part that most of you are keen of. Every single unique search that you made earn you from £0.01 - £0.03. Let's say you do 30 searches a day, you can earn like £0.30 - £0.90 which in a month you could earn £9.00 - £27.00.

Not too bad for no work done at all. You could earn up to 3 tier referral and I doubt your friend would say no to this since they could earn some extra income for things that they do everyday.

Do note that your earning are updated daily and not right after you do the search. So wait for 24 hrs before you can see your earnings.

You could sign up through my link if you wish to. Have fun.

Enjoy this service and earn from this program.

Google Page Rank

Perhaps many of you have heard about Google Page Rank but do not know exactly what it is. Do read on for more information regardin Page Rank. I will know refer Page Rank to PR from here onwards.

What Is Page Rank?

PR is a numeric value given by Google to determine how important the page is to them. Backlinks are an important component in determining how high the page PR would be. The more backlinks you have, it would also mean that your blog or website is popular which will result in a higher PR.

PR is important because it determines your blog or website ranking in the Google search results. Although PR is not the only component that Google take into consideration to rank pages in the search results, but it is definitely an important factor.

Due to a lot of abuses to the PR system, not all backlinks are counted by Google. Those backlinks that comes from website with a lot of links to other websites can cause your PR to be penalised by Google. This is to prevent people from abusing the PR system and do link exchanges just to get their PR higher.

Links into your website cannot harm your PR because webmasters are unable to control the link from outside. However, links from yours to the other website can be controlled and so if the particular website is abusing the system, your outlink to them can cause some damages to your PR. Therefore, be very careful with the link that are place on yout website to avoid being penalised by Google.

Tools To Help Calculate PR

1) http://www.prchecker.info/

2) http://www.mypagerank.net/

You can install the Google Toolbar on your browser and you will be able to view every single page rank on your browser.

That will be all for what PR is. I will be posting on tips to raise your PR soon. Have a nice weekend all.

Assurance From Freebies4Webmasters

I am glad that there are over 15 applicants at the moment pending for Freebies4Webmasters. However, recently I got a blog reaction on this blog commenting on whether is this company legal? How are they actually making money?

I decided to contact Freebies4Webmasters immediately and forward them the URL to response to the review because I feel that it would be better for them to clarify to the users. I got to thank Sarah from Freebies4Webmasters for taking time to actually response to that review and giving an assurance to the blogger community that they are a 100% legal company which are not involved in any kind of spyware or illegal activities.

Here is a response from Sarah:

"Hi All
Just wanted to post to rest assured we are not an illegal company and are not invloved in any kind of spyware or other illegal activities. We are just a banner network, we have a number of clients that will pay small amounts for branding and exposure. We have many members so payment runs are always made at the beginning of each month due the huge number of subscribers we have it is impossible to make payments daily. We do pay and have many happy members. If you have any further questions please feel free to drop me an email.

I hope this would give you an assurance on the kind of system Freebies4Webmasters actually run on. You can also read on my previous review and comments section and there are members that actually gotten paid already other than myself. So why not give it a try and provide any 3 URL when applying. Do remember to put it the ad codes given and put it on your website before any payment will be made.

If you feek comfortable with my reviews, you can sign up through my affliate link.

However, do not create a 'fake' blog just to register with Freebies4Webmasters because they will actually check if you purposely created a blog just to register with them.

Don't take advantage of the program just because they do not care about how much traffic you have.

In addition to this, I will choose any 5 of those that sign under my affliate link to give their personal opinions on Freebies4Webmasters. You just need to tell me your publisher ID number in which for my case is 14208 and email it to me. The 5 reviews chosen by me will be credited with 10USD into their paypal for their participation.

Good luck with the program and do contact me for any more queries regarding Freebie4Webmasters.

That's all for now. Will be posting on Google PR Rank later in the day.

Review on Freebies4Webmasters - Earn your first income

I'm very glad that this system actually works out fine and I should provide more details on this since many are asking about whether is this system legit or are they actually making payment. Many of you actually did not want to try this out because you were unsure of the mechanics behind this.

What is Freebies4Webmasters

Basically, Freebies4Webmasters is a website advertising services. It is similar to services like Google Adsense, Bidvertiser except that their payment is different. What do I mean by different paying system?

Google Adsense and Bidvertiser are actually using the Pay-Per-Click Advertising method in which they pay you for every single click for the advertisement you place on your website. Therefore, the amount of income you generate from Google Adsense and Bidvertiser depends on the number of click through on your Google Adsense advertisement. This is directly related to the amount of traffic your website have because the more traffic you have, the higher chance there is to have people clicking on the ads.

However, this is not the case for Freebies4Webmasters. Instead of using the Pay-Per-Click method, they are actually paying you one lump sum of £10.00 for joining and putting up their ads for the first month. If you continue to put up their ads on the next month, you will be paid £5.00. This would mean that you do not need to worry if there are sufficient traffic to your blog because you will be paid once you put up the assigned ads by Freebies4Webmasters.

Hope this section could actually clarify your doubts on them. I'm glad at least someone gave a try on this program and they do actually pay.

How Freebies4Webmasters Work

They are offering 2 sections - Publisher & Reseller.
Publisher section means that you have sign up to put up their assigned ads on your blogs. You need to put up 3 for their ads in order to qualified for payment. Does it mean that you have to put all 3 ads onto 1 single URL?

The answer is no. You can put up the ads at any 3 URL from one single domain. For those with a blog, every single post has a new URL address. Therefore, if you have more than 3 post, you can easily attain more than 3 URLs.

Reseller section means that you are getting referrals to join them. Similarly you will be paid £10.00 for every referral from your affliate links that they provide you. This will be more recommended if you are having readers on your blog that are looking for information on how to earn money online. If not I feel that sticking to the Publisher Section are much more managable.

You could use this to earn some extra cash for the moment if you have no sponserships or other forms of advertisers on your blog. I strongly urge you to go take a look at Freebies4Webmaster.

Read this post which is assurance by Freebies4Webmaster that this is not a scam program.

That's all for now. Catch up later.