Yahoo! Buzz went online

Hello my blog readers, I am sharing this great news to you if you have no idea on this Yahoo! Buzz. This should be the hottest topic for alot of bloggers and will definitely benefit from this should you read further.

Yahoo! Buzz is a new social media which is similar to the current bookmarking program such as Digg. So what are you waiting for? This is another great way to get traffic to your blog. Submit a post related to your blog's niche and let the rest of your readers know about it. You could even consider adding the Yahoo! Buzz buttons to make it easier for your readers to vote for your post.

With Yahoo! being the world's number 1 traffic, they would probably go popular very soon. Not to mention their advertising which will get more and more people to know about this. Tap onto the traffic of Yahoo! and redirect it to your own blog too.

Have fun buzzling guys.


Tey said...

hmmm, very nice. I will try to visit it this weekend. I am very interested.. Are their post on moderation?..

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Wei Liang said...

hi esther, I have post the request to do the link exchange on your Ester's Money Journey.

Regarding Yahoo! Buzz, from what I know, as long as your content is not abusive, it will not be moderated.

Wei Liang