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Another easy program for you guys again. I'm sure you all will thank me for this. If you all have been following my post, by now your should be making like at least USD$20-30 per month. Of course this is little but as time passes and if you join every single program that I recommend, you would be earning at least USD$100 per month by mid September.

It is difficult for me to prove it to you if this works and I feel that best way is to trust me and join the program I recommend. Every single program I recommend will not cost you a single cent. Ok I shall cut the crap and recommend Homepages Friends to you.

I shall refer Homepages Friends to HPF from now on.

What Is Homepages Friends

It is your own search homepage which works the same way as the search engines that you know such as Google, Yahoo etc. This question should be revolving inside your mind "Then I might as well use Yahoo or Google to do the search"

Yup you are right on target. Now I am going to introduce to you HPF which is similarly to Google and Yahoo yet letting you earn some extra income while doing your search.

How Does Homepages Friends Work

Firstly, you need to register with HPF which is 100% free. HPF is free due to the fact that income earn by you are spilt 50/50 with them. After which, you will need to set HPF as your homepage and you can begin you search. Make sure your Internet Browser is IE7 or Mozilla Firefox to qualify for the earnings as well.

Do your search as usual like how you used Google and Yahoo but now every single unique search will earn you some income. However, do not keep searching as there is a detection device by HPF to see if there is any fraud search. Results from the search are powered by Yahoo so this makes HPF very much useful and yet earning extra income at the same time.

How Can You Benefit From This System

I'm sure everyone of you reading my blog are using search engines to search for information that you want too. Therefore, why not use HPF to earn some money for every search that you made. However, I would like to emphasize again not to use the search just to earn income. Do your normal web browsing or search as usual.

You might be thinking that this is another lowly paid program but I feel that it is relatively reasonable. Since all of us search for information through the search engine, why don't we use SPH to do the search since the search results are powered by Yahoo.

How Much Can You Earn

This should be the part that most of you are keen of. Every single unique search that you made earn you from £0.01 - £0.03. Let's say you do 30 searches a day, you can earn like £0.30 - £0.90 which in a month you could earn £9.00 - £27.00.

Not too bad for no work done at all. You could earn up to 3 tier referral and I doubt your friend would say no to this since they could earn some extra income for things that they do everyday.

Do note that your earning are updated daily and not right after you do the search. So wait for 24 hrs before you can see your earnings.

You could sign up through my link if you wish to. Have fun.

Enjoy this service and earn from this program.


C K said...

Hi Felix, I've chanced upon your site thru your review on Problogger's post.

Have signed up for this (through your link of course) and looking at how it goes. Will definitely be recommending to others should this work.


Wei Liang said...

Hi CK,

this definitely works but the amount you can make depends on how much you can refer. I mostly refer to mt friends because they said its useful since its another search engine but yet earn you money.