My Traffic Went Down =(

Recently my traffic went slightly down. I was getting almost 250 unique visitors daily on average on the first and second week of August. But now I am currently having only 150 visitors daily. What went wrong??? Quite sad to say that but I just want to show the facts of my blog. Hopefully you all would not run away from my blog just because my results have dropped slightly.

I am not an internet guru that you all think I am or may be. I am also learning on the process of blogging. But the drop in traffic has really startled me this few days and I begin to worry. Maybe because I am getting lazy to market my blog. So please don't be learn this from me. :)

I will try to pick my traffic up again and try to go back to my 300 unique visitors daily. Will update you guys again when my traffic shoots up. Hopefully the contest will help to pick up some traffic. This are the list of things that I did not do recently and resulted in the drop of traffic:

1) Not participating in any social bookmarking sites like digg, bloggingzoom
2) Not being active in the forums I used to visit
3) Lastly, not posting any more new articles to

But I am glad that my RSS feed count are shooting up. Currently at 132 subscribers. I know you all might feel bored reading at this kind of post but I really want to tell you guys on my error which is being lazy and hope you all don't follow me.

My weekly alexa ranking have decreased from 195,000 to 290,000 at the moment. I will do my best this few days to bring it down. Way to go man Wei Liang!!

Good news!!

One good news for you all now. I have just completed my writing on
how to make money online by blogging. It covers some fundamentals of blogging and how can you use blogging as a tool to earn money online. So if you wish to get a copy of it, do subscribe to my newsletter which you can see on your right.

Have fun reading :)


Luckyme said...

thanks for the add in BC...
added you too..visiting your got very interesting site

please feel free to visit my other sites..thanks in advance..have fun!! have a great day!!

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kikolani said...

I have noticed that on days I am less social, the traffic suffers for it (especially on weekends). But having the subscribers is a great thing to rely on! I'm sure things will pickup again.

Jack Payne said...

Good analysis. Similar to my experience. Nice to see some parallels in thinking.

Wei Liang said...

Thanks for the encouragement guys. Will pick up on the traffic again. Do let me know if you have any killer tips to getting traffic. Could share with my small community in here.

Wei Liang

Make Money Blogging said...

Don't worry weiliang, your readers will be back if you have quality contents, I found that your blog is very informative =) A little bit similar with my blog as well. =)

Do you mind to share how you get 180+ subscriber in just 2months ? Maybe this is your new post =)

Wei Liang said...

Thanks for the encouragement. My traffic starts growing back again. Got an average of about 220 visitors this week.

Sure. I will have this topic on subscriber count up in a few days

Gossip said...

Don't worry, I appreciate your blog very much!