Tips To Improve Alexa Ranks

Alexa is a subsidary of is a website which provides information on the traffic levels for websites. Alexa is also one of the largest web ranking system in the Internet.

Alexa Rank is measured according to the number of users who have visited a website and with the alexa toolbar installed on their browser.

Alexa rank is shown in numerical figures in which the smaller figures meant that the websites have higher traffic. You can take a look at my alexa ranking here.

Why Is Alexa Rank Important

This becomes important when you want to monetize your blogs by selling advertisements space and text link to advertiser or ads network. They often use Alexa Rank as a gauge to whether it is worth the money to buy the advertisement spots on your blog. Lower Alexa Rank would also mean that you have ask for a better offer from the advertisers.

ReviewMe and Text Link Ads are examples of ad networks that placed importance on Alexa Rank.

What You Need To Do First

That depends on the type of browser you are using. For those using Internet Explorer, you can download the toolbar here. And for those using Firefox, you can download this add-ons called the Search Status which displays Alexa Rank, Google PR and many other useful features.

I personally think Search Status is easier because it does not take up an additional space on your browser. You can see clearly from the picture on the right how Search Status looks like which occupy only the bottom right corner of your browser.

You can also check your blog's keyword density, number of backlinks and the indexed pages on the various search engines. I feel that this is a very good SEOs tool that all bloggers should have.

Tips To Improve Alexa Rank

With some knowledge on what Alexa is, we will now look at how we can improve our Alexa Rank. The below mention tips are what have been said by webmasters that it works so you have to try it to see if it works for your case. However, I feel that as long as you produce quality content, your traffic will start coming in slowly. I always believe quality content is the key to draw the readers' attention.

1) Install Alexa Toolbar or Search Status

After doing which, you need to set your blog as the homepage. This is said to work by many webmasters but I am not really sure but you could try it. However, I do have doubt on this method because if this is the case, then many people would just keep re-entering their own blog in hope to increase the Alexa Rank. Or maybe there is a system on Alexa counting the daily unique visitor on their ranking system.

2) Put an Alexa rank widget on your webpage

Leave the widget on your blog and every click on the widget is said to be counted as a visit even when visitors do not have the Alexa Toolbar or Search Status installed. I am currently in the process of trying this out but I seldom got any clicks on the widget. My guess would be because visitors nowadays know the importance of Alexa Rank and have it already installed and are no longer fascinated by the new term "Alexa Rank"

3) Participate in Webmasters Forum

Leave constructive opinion on the webmaster forum and create a signature to put your blog URL link in. This webmasters would usually have Alexa Toolbar installed and might give a visit to your blog. You definitely must participate in Digital Point Forum as the discussions in there are of good quality and you could also contribute your point of view.

4) Use of Social Bookmarking

Produce quality article or post. When your post get submitted to Digg or StumbleUpon, you would get some quality visitors to your blog.

5) PPC Campaigns

You could also pay to get traffic from PPC advertising company like Google Adwords and Bidvertiser. This is definitely the fastest way but also the most costly way to get traffic.

6) Quality Content

This would work doubly good if your blog is about webmasters resource like blogging tips and internet marketing. This is because visitors that come to your blog are those that most probably know about Alexa Rank and are finding ways to improve it.

This are basically the tips that you could use to improve your Alexa Rank. However, do not expect it to drop to below 100,000 overnight because it takes some time. My advice would be to produce quality content for your readers and I assure you that your Alexa Rank will improved by the end of 2nd month. Producing quality content is the passive way to build up on your Alexa Rank.

That is basically what I have for Alexa Rank. Do give it a try and monitor on the results. Have fun blogging.

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My true solutions said...

This a nice post about Alexa ranking I am also willing to write a post about Alexa.

Wei Liang said...

Hi true solutions. Hope this will move your alexa rank up. Be consistent in your effort to market your blog because traffic would not come in overnight :)

Wei Liang

My true solutions said...

Hi actually I wanted to write about Alexa since last 2o days but because of my laziness.... but after reading your post it inspired me to do it and now it is on air and a good link to your blog is also added.
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Anonymous said...

Alexa is one of the most prolific and robust search engines alongside the leader Google. Alexa apart from having a search engine also has a web information company tracking information about all the sites. Based in California, USA, this company is a subsidiary to the very famous Alexa receives much of its usage from the US only. However, slowly but steadily Alexa is also being used for search engine. Although Alexa was founded back in the year 1996, bought it in the year 1999 for a whopping $250 million. In order to better its prospects over the net, Alexa partnered Google in the year 2002.