Which one do you want to know?

Hi guys,

I am pretty busy in school today. Yes, you did not see it wrong. I mention school. Haha..
I am currently taking my courses in Singapore at an institution called SIM. I know most of you wouldn't know unless you stay in Singapore.

But anyway, I'm afraid I can't come out with any post today due to the time constraint and I do not want to rush out a sub-standard post to let you all read. So I decide to let you guys choose which topic you all want to know more about. Do participate in the poll below. Hope to see at least some participation in there.

Get This - Survey Results - GlowDay.com

I will post again tomorrow after I gotten some feedback.
By the way, hope to see my feed count jump to 50 tomorrow. Do click on the RSS button on the top right or subscribe via email.
Good night for now. Zzzz


jccleofe said...

hi, your blog is featured today at http://jccleofe.blogspot.com in case you miss it, I also added it in my linkiddos. See ya.