Review on Freebies4Webmasters - Earn your first income

I'm very glad that this system actually works out fine and I should provide more details on this since many are asking about whether is this system legit or are they actually making payment. Many of you actually did not want to try this out because you were unsure of the mechanics behind this.

What is Freebies4Webmasters

Basically, Freebies4Webmasters is a website advertising services. It is similar to services like Google Adsense, Bidvertiser except that their payment is different. What do I mean by different paying system?

Google Adsense and Bidvertiser are actually using the Pay-Per-Click Advertising method in which they pay you for every single click for the advertisement you place on your website. Therefore, the amount of income you generate from Google Adsense and Bidvertiser depends on the number of click through on your Google Adsense advertisement. This is directly related to the amount of traffic your website have because the more traffic you have, the higher chance there is to have people clicking on the ads.

However, this is not the case for Freebies4Webmasters. Instead of using the Pay-Per-Click method, they are actually paying you one lump sum of £10.00 for joining and putting up their ads for the first month. If you continue to put up their ads on the next month, you will be paid £5.00. This would mean that you do not need to worry if there are sufficient traffic to your blog because you will be paid once you put up the assigned ads by Freebies4Webmasters.

Hope this section could actually clarify your doubts on them. I'm glad at least someone gave a try on this program and they do actually pay.

How Freebies4Webmasters Work

They are offering 2 sections - Publisher & Reseller.
Publisher section means that you have sign up to put up their assigned ads on your blogs. You need to put up 3 for their ads in order to qualified for payment. Does it mean that you have to put all 3 ads onto 1 single URL?

The answer is no. You can put up the ads at any 3 URL from one single domain. For those with a blog, every single post has a new URL address. Therefore, if you have more than 3 post, you can easily attain more than 3 URLs.

Reseller section means that you are getting referrals to join them. Similarly you will be paid £10.00 for every referral from your affliate links that they provide you. This will be more recommended if you are having readers on your blog that are looking for information on how to earn money online. If not I feel that sticking to the Publisher Section are much more managable.

You could use this to earn some extra cash for the moment if you have no sponserships or other forms of advertisers on your blog. I strongly urge you to go take a look at Freebies4Webmaster.

Read this post which is assurance by Freebies4Webmaster that this is not a scam program.

That's all for now. Catch up later.


sagmondia said...

Thanx for your good infos .This great that your share your informations with others.
earning at home
how to earn money online

Anonymous said...

im also signed up- paid 2 days ago and happy with it

i will spend the money before xmas X:)

Wei Liang said...

You are welcome sagmondia. Hope you enjoy the really small passive income down there. I will post more of such if more show interest in this kind of programs

Dan Pasco said...

Thanks a lot man a very important info indeed especially to those of us who are still starting out

freemoneysite said...

great site my friend thanks for the visit i'll try your freebies4webmasters i have listed your site to my mutual exchange link can you do the same buddy,thanks for the visit

Wei Liang said...

hi freemoneysite,

Do send me an email so that I can visit your blog and see if we can do the link exchange. I could not access your profile from here. Thanks

Wei Liang

nimzoindy said...

Could you verify that this really paid? I got sick of those scammer company..

Wei Liang said...

hi nimzoindy. Do look at the paypal payment i posted. It is an evidence that you will be paid. I am so confident that I can give you 100% guarantee that you will be paid

muratos said...

Hi, it is true that they paid first 10 pounds for the bloggers for whom are accepted including me. But for the referrals money, we will sit and wait because already I have around 20 members and it means that I will get around $400 :) Let's see ..

webtechreviews said...

thank you for sharing

Anonymous said...

That's a great review. I'm interested in signing up but I've a question. Will I get rejected because my website doesn't have any traffic. It's only a few days old. What should I do, WeiLiang?


Wei Liang said...

Hi curiousman,

I see that you have quite a number of post available. Freebies4Webmasters accept any kind of traffic you have. That's one unique point for them. All you need is 3 different URL in which your case, you could find 3 different post to qualify for that.

Do sign up and try the service. They do really pay you the money.

Wei Liang

Anonymous said...

Thanks WeiLiang. I'll sign up now. If you notice I made you my referrer when I signed up for a yuwie account. I'll do the same for this account. Great posts!!! Keep it up.

Wei Liang said...

Hi anonymous,

Not really sure who you are but I/m glad that the system I recommend benefitted you. Do sign up for my newsletter for more related tips.

Wei Liang

MWinBiz said...

nice article..
i also didn't know bout this..
i hope i'll get the revenue from them..
nice blog my fren..

Fook Weng said...

Good review on Freebies4Webmasters.Maybe can comment on my blog at why is it rejected by blogcatalog?Do exchange link with my blog and hope to get some advice.hope we can earn oney together.Thank you

RandomReflection said...

I had had my doubts but they really do pay! Just last week I got paid the initial 10 pounds plus the 5 for the first month. I plan to keep those banners up there and keep getting paid - for doing nothing! :-)