How to build a loyal subscriber list?

I have previously posted on why is there a need to build a list and there are so many ways that the list could be utilise. Now that we have a newsletter to capture our leads, we now have to learn how to take care of our subscribers and what are the kind of content we should have in the newsletter.

What should be in your newsletter content?

Before beginning on this, let's all ask ourselves 1 question first. What is the very first thing that you do when you log on to the Internet? Please participate in the poll below.

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Im pretty sure more than 80% will check their email first. With this in mind, we need to be mindful of the type of newsletter content that we send to our subscribers. People join our newsletter because they are hungry for more information after reading what is presented on our blog. Simply put, we have to satisfy that need. Therefore, your newsletter should contain more detailed information and tips to give it to your list.

You can also include review on certain services or products which you have used and recommend it to your list. Do take note that you have to personally use the product or services first before recommending so that you can give your most honest opinions. Do not fall into the temptations of commission for selling the product. This will cause your list to be doubtful of what you say in the future should the product is not as what you described.

We are looking at a list that will stay with us as long as possible and not just to recommend them one product only. What we want is long-term and loyal subscribers.

Building on a variety of newsletters

I always recommend building newsletter with a variety. What do I mean by a variety? This is when your creativity comes in. Don't be a boring blogger and keep sending only informational text. Try some other ways to present the information to your list.

Perhaps you could try to have a article contest writing for certain topic to see how much your list actually know about it. To make it more interesting, include some small freebies or even cash ( if you could afford definitely ) to boost more participation. This is what I call interaction with your subscriber list.

2 way communication is very important to keep your list active. You will in turn build a very personal relationship with your subscribers. Your subscribers will know how much sincerity you have and they will know how trusted you are. I always think that we dont have to hide what we are doing. Everyone knows why we keep a list - generate income. Your very own subscribers know it deep in their heart too. But why are they willing to spend that small amount of $$ to buy whatever products that you recommend? That is because they trust you. You will have to learn by your own experience to get your list to trust you but never make use of that to deceive them.

Building Trust

There is nothing I could tell you or teach you about building trust with your list. The only stuff that I could tell you is to be sincere. Although your subscribers cant see you or your action over the Internet, but they can feel it from the text that you have written.

Explore yourself on this area and you will eventually agree with me that Trust is the way to go for building a loyal list. Tell me what you feel regarding this post in the comments section.

That's all for now. I'll speak to you again soon.

Money Making Opportunities - Freebies4Webmasters

Sorry guys. Im kept very busy at work and was unable to make the post on how to build a loyal subscriber list. I'll try to post in on by tomorrow.

Its 12am here and I still gotta wake up early for work tomorrow. But this program Freebies4Webmasters can really help alot of bloggers so I want to post in right now.

You will be paid an easy £10 for putting up 3 ads requested by them. Just put them up for 1 month and you will receive £10. Put it on for subsequent month and you will receive £5 every single month. Quite good money for new bloggers i feel.

If you refer friends to join and put up their advertisements, you will earn a referral fee of £10 per person. Start working on it today.

P.S. Good night all. Have fun reading my post. By the way guys, do request if you want to know more on particular topic.

Money Making Opportunity - cashcrate

Just a small post before I go for my lunch. Got to know about this money making opportunity service call Cashcrate.

How exactly can you earn money from here? Its simple and cost free.

Many companies and paying money to users like use to try their products. You just need to simply fill in some particulars to start earning.

However, some of the offers need you to make an advance payment first before they will pay you money. This offers usually can make much more money. You can see from my account below.


You can check out their forums too and you will notice that Cashcrate really pays. I will do a screenshot on my cheque once i received it. Have fun earning.

Capturing Your Leads

Im sure by this date you should start seeing your traffic coming in slowly. Next issue that we need to fine tune our blog is how to capture the leads that arrived at your blog.

You might be thinking why do you need to do so. What is the purpose of capturing your leads?

The first reason is to build up on your own market. I know there are a lot of list building services which requires you to pay for an instant list of like 500 - 1000 leads. However, 1 point I need to bring across is that the list that you buy might not be those that are interested on your niche. Therefore, it serves no purpose even if you have the list. What we need, is a list that are interested on our niche.

One of the most popular ways to capture leads are to build up a newsletter on your blogs. You could provide them with Free E-Books first to lure them into joining your newsletter. Then slowly, build up on your newsletter and email them your findings/products/softwares every week. Try not to always promote them with your affliate products as it will turn them off. Provide free information that your subscribers want to know.

The second reason is to you would already have a ready list of prospects whenever you want to launch a new affliate or own products. You need not go around and find customers to purchase your product.

If you blog or website is not providing any form of lead capturing channels, I strongly urge you to do so. You might not know the benefits now but in future you will be greatful that you actually have that list.

Tomorrow I will be talking more on how to build a loyal list of subscribers. Enjoy your Sunday

Traffic Exchange - Entrecard

Another way to increase traffic to your blog is through Entrecard.

Entrecard actually acts like an online business card where you can exchange it with other bloggers online.

How it works?

All members of Entrecard have to put a 125 X 125 Widget on their blogs. Members earn credits by clicking on the Entrecard placed at the different blogs. Therefore, there is a chance that your blog is viewed by the other members. This in turn generate traffic for your blog but bounce rate from Entrecard will be high. This is because the purpose of them visiting your blog could be just to earn credits and not actually for the content of your blog. But at the initial stage of blogging or online business, every single traffic counts because there are chances that they show interest in your blog.

Apart from this, you can also put up your own 125 X 125 ads on other blogs as a form of advertising. However, you need to spend on the credits that you earn.

Traffic Exchange - EasyHits4U

Dropping 1 post before I sleep. For those that want instant traffic to your website, you could join EasyHits4U. You are required to surf through their list of webpages to earn credits. Every 1 webpage surf = 1 credit.

Try to accumulate 50 credits everyday and assign it to your blog or online business site for the extra traffic. You will be surprised if they turn out to be your potential prospects.

Unique 1:1 Traffic Exchange

Enjoy your day! Good night all

Tracking your visitors

After working on how to drive traffic for a few days, most of your blog should be accepted or indexed by search engines, directories etc. Next, you need to track your visitors.

One of the tracking tools that I used are Google Analytics.

It captures alot of statistics which are vital to us so that we can make ammendments to out blogs or content. Below are the important statistics that we should be aware of for our online business:

1) New vs Returning Visitors
2) Length of Visit

New vs Returning Visitors

Focus more on the returning visitors. This is the information that we want to capture. Higher returning visitors mean that the content of your blog are interesting and people keep coming back to read on your new post. This group of returning visitors will be the group that are highly prospective which could lead to sales.

However, if most of your visitors are new, there might be something wrong with the content that you post. You notice I used the word might because:

1) Similar content has been featured before in other blogs.
2) You have a new blog and there are many other similar blogs outside that are more popular and therefore have more credential.

To get returning visitors, every post must be unique and able to draw the attention of the reader. And each post ends in such a way to lure the visitors back again for more information. Over time, this is will increase your rate of returning visitors.

Length of Visit

Check the average length of visit for each day. If your results show that the average visit is between 0 - 30seconds, this means that your content doesnt have any attractiveness at all. You need to at least hold the viewer for at least 2-3 mins before he can truely understand the content of your blog.

How to improve on the Length of Visit?

1) Improve on layout of blog. Make it more reader friendly and have a recent post widget to let visitors know the category of this blog.

2) No overloading of advertisment. This makes visitor things you are doing hard selling of products.

3) Break your content into paragraph instead of jumbling all into one chunk.

Do the necessary ammendments to your site/blog to improve on your returning visitor. No point driving a huge traffic to your blog but you cant sustain the interest of the visitor.

Day 6 - How to get traffic to your websites? - Part 3

Introducing to my readers:

Web Registration Services

Another way to get indexed to search engines are via this web registration services. What exactly does web registration service do?

Web registration service is one that register your URL with many search engines and directorys all at once. Instead of finding the different search engine and directories to submit 1 by 1, you can do it all at once using this web registration services.

However, most registration services need you to pay for their services and the price is like $30.00 to submit a single URL to 50 search engines. Don't worry. I have found some services that provide free submission of URL.

Do make use of the 4 web registration and you should start getting hundred visitor per day soon.

Look out for Part 4 to drive traffic!

Incredible Social Network that pays - Yuwie

Look guys at what I have got for you all. A new income opportunity that is so easy. You dont need to advertise anything at all.

How to earn income from Yuwie?

When any members in Yuwie view any of your following profiles:

1) your profile page
2) your blog pages
3) view all your friends
4) view all your comments
5) your picture pages
6) if someone views one of your shared layouts

Most should know of the few famous social networks like FaceBook and Friendster. This is almost similar to it and yet you get REAL cash for people visiting your profile page.

Although it dont get you rich but at least its some kind of extra income. Furthermore, its easy and will increase you traffic to your site as well.

Day 5 - How to get traffic to your website? Part 2

Im sorry for not posting for 3 days. Have been quite busy recently so do pardon me. Ok lets move on to the Part 2 of gaining traffic.

Submitting your Website to Web Guides

When submitting websites to guides and directories, you are submitting your page URL, description of your website as well as a specific category. When submitting, you are also betting that the guide's reviewer will find your site interesting and informative. If your site are well-liked by the guide's reviewer, they will write a review of your site and show up in a database of the Web's top site.

How to improve the chances of getting your site reviewed?

1) Look at the guide's review of other websites and from there catch what they are looking for.
2) Submit descriptive information of your website.

Below is the list of web guides that i found:

1) CANLinks
2) CentralDrive
3) EuroSeek
4) Illumirate
5) Jayde
6) Mavicanet - Drill down into a subcategory before clicking add site link.
7) Nerd World Media - Need to register before submitting link
8) Open Directory
9) Scrub the Web
10) Yahoo!

Do take some time and submit your websites to all the list above and Im sure your traffic will increase over time. Do comment if this webguides directory actually help you so that more people will get to know.

Subscribe to my blog to watch out for my Part 3 to drive traffic.

Day 4 - How to get traffic to your website? Part 1

Part 1 of getting traffic to your website is to get your website indexed on the various search engines.

Today, the 3 top search engines are
Google, Yahoo! and Microsoft MSN which covers over 80% of all search engine queries.
In addition, Yahoo! also provide search results to
AllTheWeb and AltaVista.
Google is also a major source used by numerous search engines including
AOL, Netscape and Excite.

What do Search Engines Look For?

  • Page title. From the TITLE tag element of your Web page.
  • Page URL.
  • Summary Description. A description taken from the page itself.
  • Keyword List

Summary Description

Some search engine might gather Summary Description from the first few hundred characters while another search engine might generate the Summary Description from the META tag.

META tag is data that is included in a Web page header but is hidden from the reader. Meta information provides search engine with the Summary Description as well as keywords from the page.

I wanted to show you an example of meta tags but was not allowed. If you want an example, just leave it down on the comment and I will get to you.

Keyword List

People surfing the web used search engines to enter keywords in order to generate lists of links related to the topics they are looking for. Therefore, the better the keywords phrase on your Web page or META tags, the more exposure your web site will get.

Research the web for popular search engine keywords to include. List of website to research:

1) Google.
2) Yahoo!.
3) Ask Jeeves.
4) AOL.

Free Keyword Generation Tools

1) Google AdWords Keyword Tool
2) Yahoo! Search Marketing - sign up for it and you could use the keyword generation at the mid of registration.

Watch for my Part 2 to drive traffic.

Knowledge on types of Affliate Programs

After the long break, Im sure most have completed on creating their own sales letter. Ok lets recap.

We have already done:

1) Looking for a niche market
2) Looking for a product
3) Setting out own website and sales letter

Next lets move on to decide what are the different ways to earn money?

1) Pay per click
2) Pay per sale
3) Pay per lead

Pay per click

You will get paid for every single people that you refer to from your website to your affliates.
This require a constant amount of traffic daily to earn more revenue as most affliates normally pay
$1 to $2 per click.

Pay per sale

You will be paid for every sale that you refer to your affliates. This normally can get you more
revenue as most affliates from pays you up to 75% commission.

Pay per lead

You will be paid for getting people to sign up the form provided by your affliates. Some credit card
company can pay you as high as $35.00 per lead that you send them.

Creating A Sales Page

This is a very important webpage for Internet Marketers who want to attract people to purchase their products.

I give you a more indepth review on how to write a good sales page in 2 simple ways.

1) Create Hope

People purchase product because they want to get something out of it. E.g. People purchase E-Book on "How to lose 10kg in 1 month" to hope that this ebook can really help them to shed weight. Therefore, they are willing to fork out the money. Out of 10 who buy the E-Book, how many who actually follow through all the way listed to lose weight? The answer is almost none.

Many products also come out with the 100% money back guarantee if the methods listed are not effective. This is because they understand that its human nature to not follow through whatever method that is inside the E-Book. There may be 20 methods to lose weight but people gave up after trying 10 methods. Therefore, the possibility of the consumers asking for money back is low because they know that they did not finish trying all the methods. As a result, they do not dare to ask for money back and said that the book is not effective.

This is a very lethal weapon in creating a sales letter.

In this case, your sales page could show a video of 1 lady which was slightly plump before using the book and film her doing all the mention methods on the E-Book on how to lose weight. Thereafter, showing the after results. This visual let consumers brighten with hope and believe that this product can let them lose weight.

This is called Creating Hope.

2) Be Pressing

Offer discount and promotions in your sales page. You could do something like sign up before 20th July and you will be give a free DVD on how to lose weight and an additional discount of $30.00.

Upon seeing this, consumers who already have the intention to buy your product due to the 'HOPE' factor that you gave them, will be even more eager to buy your product now since there are free gifts and discount if they sign up as soon as possible.

At this time, you might be thinking that you actually got into this situation before? Frankly speaking, I did fall into that but luckily the product was good. Do share in my comments if you have encounter any product that did not delivered what they promise so that we could avoid them.

3) Reviews

Get a few person to test on your product and review them. Add those reviews to your sales page to increase on the credibility for your product.

With all this 3 factors in place, your sales letter will be good enough to attract attention for visitors to your site to carry on reading and maybe even convert it into a sale. Work hard on the sales letter for today and send me a copy of the sales letter if you want me to review and help to make some fine tuning to it.

Do add in comments if you feel that there are additional factor you can add in to sales letter to make it more powerful.

Day 3 - Building and publish your online business website

Ok now we are ready to build our website and find a web hosting service to publish. Building a website that can attract visitors are very important. If your website cannot hold the visitors for more than 1 min, the likelihood of them buying your product is very low.

So how do you actually attract the visitors?

Title & Sales letter

You must have a very interesting title to first capture their attention to read further. Next, produce a sales letter that talk about your product and how much money can they earn from buying the products. Put reasonable figures like earning $4k/mth to make people think that this is not a scam. Think like how a website would attract you to stay on and incorporate that into your website.

There are alot of good website builder online and they are free:


I am personally using blue voda because its easy to use and it provides video tutorials on how to create a website. I could give you some tips on your website if you tell me the link of.

After building your website, you need to publish your website and host on a web hosting services. You might be asking why dont publish on free servers?

1) Domain name will contain the free server name which doesnt look professional.
2) Lower bandwidth ( This is impt when traffic starts growing. )

Furthermore, there are some web hosting services which provides very low monthly cost and giving a free domain name. I strongly recommend IPOWER web hosting because of its low cost of only US$4.95/mth. Not only did this come with a free domain name, it is also giving $50 Yahoo! Search Marketing credit and also $30 of Google Adwords™ credit.
Total of $80.00 worth of advertising.


However, you have to sign up for 1 whole year of their plan to be entitled the advertising credit as well as the free domain which cost around $60.00. Of course there are other website hosting service on the market as well but Im recommending this to my reader since I have already did the research on this.

P.S. Off to build my website

Day 2 - Finding your product

Basically after finding your niche market, the next step would definitely to find a product to advertise and sell. This is also known as affliate marketing.

Next question you will ask is where to find products to sell? There are several websites which has a large list of products to choose from:


These are the 3 major affliate websites that has a vast number of products ranging from digital to physical product. Im sure you can find a product that is suitable for your niche market.

The next problem you might face would be that there are too many similar products to choose, so which should you advertise. Don't worry because you would not face this problem in affliate programs like clickbank and cj because you can check their EPC ( earnings per click ) and know more information about the product's conversion rate. (Conversion rate means out of 100 people that know about the product, how many would actually buy.)

Therefore, the higher the conversion rate, the easier the product would be to sell.

Day 2 - Finding your niche market

Up next we should be looking for a niche market to focus on. However, if you have your own designed product to be sold, then your niche market should be very specificed.

This section is more for internet marketers that do not have their own products and want to use products available in the market to sell. In another terms, this is known as
affliate marketing.
To me, there are 2 criterias in finding the niche market.

  1. Finding the most searched keywords on the search engine.
  2. Selling products that you have knowledge about.

Taking in comparison.

Marketer A

1) Has knowledge on how to play golf
2) Using the most searched keywords E.g. how to play golf

Marketer B

1) No knowledge of playing golf
2) Using lowly searched keywords playing on the green

Which will get more sales? Definitely marketer A. Therefore the 2 criterias must be fulfiled before choosing your niche market.

Got another E-Book here which I found to be very informative. Many detailed information on how to find a profitable niche.

P.S. This is a very important part for Internet Marketing. I will spend some time to research on this first.

Day 2 - Review on Get Googles Ads Free EBOOK

After reading this E-Book, I went ahead and follow the steps written and lets review on the results today.

Please be aware my intention of getting this E-Book was to get traffic to my online business with the lowest possible cost ( best to be free ). Knowing the high cost to pay for per pay click advertising on google, I turn to this E-Book to hope that I could actually advertise on Google for free.

However, this E-Book turns out to be different from what its title is. It does not let you get Google Ads free. Instead it teaches you how to sell you advertising space on your landing website to cover the Google Advertising cost. This means that you still have to come up with the Google advertising budget upfront.

I did some research on other reviews for this E-Book.

Day 1 - Google Adwords

After reading on how does blogging give me money making opportunity, I carry on with how to get people to visit my blog. Now I realised that with a great product but low traffic, you cannot clinch a sale.


  • You are operating a traditional business with your store along streets with very low traffic flow - lets put it at 100 people.
  • Out of this 100 people, maybe only 10% will enter your store.
  • Out of this 10% who enter your store, how many would actually purchase your product? Let's be optimistic and say 30% will buy.
  • Per sale you make $20.00 so in this case you have make $60.00.
This theory is the same as per traditional business.


From the previous E-Book, I have discovered a few methods to increase traffic to sites. The most popular method would be Google Adwords or Yahoo! advertising. Its called pay per click advertising. This means that your website link would be advertised in the 2 search engines and every click on the advertisement would cost you $$$.


Good Scenario

  • 50 people clicked on the advertisement and landed on your website.
  • Out of this 50 people, 10% was interested in your product.
  • Every sales clinched = $25.00. Therefore, you make a total of = $125.00.
  • Not forgetting you need to pay Google Adwords or Yahoo! advertising for bringing traffic to your website which costs you $1.00 per click = 50 traffic x $1.00 = $50.00
  • This leave you a profit of $75.00.

Bad Scenario

  • 50 people clicked on the advertisement and landed on your website.
  • Out of this 50 people, none was interested in your product.
  • Not forgetting you need to pay Google Adwords or Yahoo! advertising for bringing traffic to your website which costs you $1.00 per click = 50 traffic x $1.00 = $50.00
  • This leave you a loss of $50.00

What Im trying to bring across is the high risk of advertising on the search engines although it will definitely bring traffic to your site.

Im definitely very lucky to find a E-Book on how to get google ads free. This will definitely save alot of my future cost in google. I will check that book out and review on it again.

Do check the website and wait for my review.

P.S. Off to sleep. Start working tomorrow again.

Day 1 - How to create a blog that earns money?

I will begin writing a journal on what I did for my business.

The first thing I know about myself is Im not a IT savvy person and knows very little about what internet marketing or business are all about.

So with this, the first thing i need to do is to get more knowledge on it.
With this, I started turning to E-Books for help. I managed to find this E-Book which costs me $19.00 on how to earn cash by blogging.
I haven't started reading it as yet since Im blogging right now. I could send you a copy if you want and we could discuss on how to earn money online. Leave your name in the shoutbox and I will get to you when Im online.
P.S Off to read the E-Book.

Why I choose online business?

The reason is simple. If you have kept in touch with the current news, you would have notice that there is an increasing trend in online shopping including digital products like E-Books.
This creates a very large market for products to be sold and we are talking about a world wide market.

So ask yourself now. Why do you target only the audiences in your country when you can actually showcase your product to the whole world.

6 million population vs the entire world of at least 6 billion. The thought of this excites me and make me decide to go on with internet business.

1) Low or almost no start up cost. ( Needed only to purchase domain names and site hosting )
2) No need for inventory. ( Affliate marketing which is selling other's product )
3) Low Risk

With all this in mind, it makes internet business very lucrative and I will begin with it.

My First Business

Im a 22 years old guy who is looking for ways to earn money. I was like many others whom started the traditional ways of doing business which was setting up a store on streets.

I started my first business in a flea market which I rented for $45.00 a day. There was a lot of traffic but I only manage to sell 40% of my inventory making a profit of $25.00.

I spent close to 9 hrs selling my products and make only $25.00 after deducting my inventory and rental cost. If you calculate, Im earning less than $3.00 / hr of working. Its even worst than working at retail stores.

Therefore, I started to realise that there are alot of problems of doing traditional businesses.

1) Inventory Storage Space
2) High start up cost
3) High Risk

I continued to tried this and the results was demoralising. I gave this up and started going for another route to success - Online business