Day 4 - How to get traffic to your website? Part 1

Part 1 of getting traffic to your website is to get your website indexed on the various search engines.

Today, the 3 top search engines are
Google, Yahoo! and Microsoft MSN which covers over 80% of all search engine queries.
In addition, Yahoo! also provide search results to
AllTheWeb and AltaVista.
Google is also a major source used by numerous search engines including
AOL, Netscape and Excite.

What do Search Engines Look For?

  • Page title. From the TITLE tag element of your Web page.
  • Page URL.
  • Summary Description. A description taken from the page itself.
  • Keyword List

Summary Description

Some search engine might gather Summary Description from the first few hundred characters while another search engine might generate the Summary Description from the META tag.

META tag is data that is included in a Web page header but is hidden from the reader. Meta information provides search engine with the Summary Description as well as keywords from the page.

I wanted to show you an example of meta tags but was not allowed. If you want an example, just leave it down on the comment and I will get to you.

Keyword List

People surfing the web used search engines to enter keywords in order to generate lists of links related to the topics they are looking for. Therefore, the better the keywords phrase on your Web page or META tags, the more exposure your web site will get.

Research the web for popular search engine keywords to include. List of website to research:

1) Google.
2) Yahoo!.
3) Ask Jeeves.
4) AOL.

Free Keyword Generation Tools

1) Google AdWords Keyword Tool
2) Yahoo! Search Marketing - sign up for it and you could use the keyword generation at the mid of registration.

Watch for my Part 2 to drive traffic.


Liz said...

Nice and informative post!

Would like to see more about meta tags for search engines.

Wei Liang said...

Hi Liz. Thanks for the positive comments. Would you let to email me your email address so that i can let you have an example of meta tags? Blogger doesnt allow me to do so in here due to the codes on meta tag. Look out for my post for more ways to get traffics

sborg said...

Wei Liang, thanks for the great information. Are you posting mileposts in terms of how you are coming in terms of your progress toward the $1 million goal?

Wei Liang said...

Yes sborg. I will do it once i established all the necessary programs and ways to set up an online business. I want to share all that I know and soon I will be posting on the monetization methods. You need the passion to blog first and that is the reason why up till now, I dont show any money related stuff. But rest assured, I will soon start to share on my channels of income :)

rosey said...

nice information.good job u done.

sborg said...

Wei Liang, could you send me information about how to add a meta tag to my blog? Also, can you provide me with information about adding an e-mail subscription opt in form to my blog? Great information you are providing: I have subscribed to your blog! My e-mail is

Wei Liang said...

Hi sborg,

I have already email you with regards to the meta tag. I will post regarding the email opt in box. However, do pardon me if I interpret it wrongly because I am not sure if you are talking about my feed email subscription or my newsletter email subscription form

Wei Liang