Day 3 - Building and publish your online business website

Ok now we are ready to build our website and find a web hosting service to publish. Building a website that can attract visitors are very important. If your website cannot hold the visitors for more than 1 min, the likelihood of them buying your product is very low.

So how do you actually attract the visitors?

Title & Sales letter

You must have a very interesting title to first capture their attention to read further. Next, produce a sales letter that talk about your product and how much money can they earn from buying the products. Put reasonable figures like earning $4k/mth to make people think that this is not a scam. Think like how a website would attract you to stay on and incorporate that into your website.

There are alot of good website builder online and they are free:


I am personally using blue voda because its easy to use and it provides video tutorials on how to create a website. I could give you some tips on your website if you tell me the link of.

After building your website, you need to publish your website and host on a web hosting services. You might be asking why dont publish on free servers?

1) Domain name will contain the free server name which doesnt look professional.
2) Lower bandwidth ( This is impt when traffic starts growing. )

Furthermore, there are some web hosting services which provides very low monthly cost and giving a free domain name. I strongly recommend IPOWER web hosting because of its low cost of only US$4.95/mth. Not only did this come with a free domain name, it is also giving $50 Yahoo! Search Marketing credit and also $30 of Google Adwords™ credit.
Total of $80.00 worth of advertising.


However, you have to sign up for 1 whole year of their plan to be entitled the advertising credit as well as the free domain which cost around $60.00. Of course there are other website hosting service on the market as well but Im recommending this to my reader since I have already did the research on this.

P.S. Off to build my website