My First Business

Im a 22 years old guy who is looking for ways to earn money. I was like many others whom started the traditional ways of doing business which was setting up a store on streets.

I started my first business in a flea market which I rented for $45.00 a day. There was a lot of traffic but I only manage to sell 40% of my inventory making a profit of $25.00.

I spent close to 9 hrs selling my products and make only $25.00 after deducting my inventory and rental cost. If you calculate, Im earning less than $3.00 / hr of working. Its even worst than working at retail stores.

Therefore, I started to realise that there are alot of problems of doing traditional businesses.

1) Inventory Storage Space
2) High start up cost
3) High Risk

I continued to tried this and the results was demoralising. I gave this up and started going for another route to success - Online business