Day 2 - Finding your product

Basically after finding your niche market, the next step would definitely to find a product to advertise and sell. This is also known as affliate marketing.

Next question you will ask is where to find products to sell? There are several websites which has a large list of products to choose from:


These are the 3 major affliate websites that has a vast number of products ranging from digital to physical product. Im sure you can find a product that is suitable for your niche market.

The next problem you might face would be that there are too many similar products to choose, so which should you advertise. Don't worry because you would not face this problem in affliate programs like clickbank and cj because you can check their EPC ( earnings per click ) and know more information about the product's conversion rate. (Conversion rate means out of 100 people that know about the product, how many would actually buy.)

Therefore, the higher the conversion rate, the easier the product would be to sell.