Day 2 - Finding your niche market

Up next we should be looking for a niche market to focus on. However, if you have your own designed product to be sold, then your niche market should be very specificed.

This section is more for internet marketers that do not have their own products and want to use products available in the market to sell. In another terms, this is known as
affliate marketing.
To me, there are 2 criterias in finding the niche market.

  1. Finding the most searched keywords on the search engine.
  2. Selling products that you have knowledge about.

Taking in comparison.

Marketer A

1) Has knowledge on how to play golf
2) Using the most searched keywords E.g. how to play golf

Marketer B

1) No knowledge of playing golf
2) Using lowly searched keywords playing on the green

Which will get more sales? Definitely marketer A. Therefore the 2 criterias must be fulfiled before choosing your niche market.

Got another E-Book here which I found to be very informative. Many detailed information on how to find a profitable niche.

P.S. This is a very important part for Internet Marketing. I will spend some time to research on this first.