Creating A Sales Page

This is a very important webpage for Internet Marketers who want to attract people to purchase their products.

I give you a more indepth review on how to write a good sales page in 2 simple ways.

1) Create Hope

People purchase product because they want to get something out of it. E.g. People purchase E-Book on "How to lose 10kg in 1 month" to hope that this ebook can really help them to shed weight. Therefore, they are willing to fork out the money. Out of 10 who buy the E-Book, how many who actually follow through all the way listed to lose weight? The answer is almost none.

Many products also come out with the 100% money back guarantee if the methods listed are not effective. This is because they understand that its human nature to not follow through whatever method that is inside the E-Book. There may be 20 methods to lose weight but people gave up after trying 10 methods. Therefore, the possibility of the consumers asking for money back is low because they know that they did not finish trying all the methods. As a result, they do not dare to ask for money back and said that the book is not effective.

This is a very lethal weapon in creating a sales letter.

In this case, your sales page could show a video of 1 lady which was slightly plump before using the book and film her doing all the mention methods on the E-Book on how to lose weight. Thereafter, showing the after results. This visual let consumers brighten with hope and believe that this product can let them lose weight.

This is called Creating Hope.

2) Be Pressing

Offer discount and promotions in your sales page. You could do something like sign up before 20th July and you will be give a free DVD on how to lose weight and an additional discount of $30.00.

Upon seeing this, consumers who already have the intention to buy your product due to the 'HOPE' factor that you gave them, will be even more eager to buy your product now since there are free gifts and discount if they sign up as soon as possible.

At this time, you might be thinking that you actually got into this situation before? Frankly speaking, I did fall into that but luckily the product was good. Do share in my comments if you have encounter any product that did not delivered what they promise so that we could avoid them.

3) Reviews

Get a few person to test on your product and review them. Add those reviews to your sales page to increase on the credibility for your product.

With all this 3 factors in place, your sales letter will be good enough to attract attention for visitors to your site to carry on reading and maybe even convert it into a sale. Work hard on the sales letter for today and send me a copy of the sales letter if you want me to review and help to make some fine tuning to it.

Do add in comments if you feel that there are additional factor you can add in to sales letter to make it more powerful.


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