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Make Money Online Via Niche Marketing

If you have just started out on how to make money online, the best approach is to engage in niche marketing. There are almost unlimited keywords for you to target and it is not true that only extremely competitive niche could make money.

In fact, when I first started out as an Internet Marketer, I went on the wrong route and approach very competitive niche which turn out to be unsuccessful. Then I realize my mistake and decided to go for smaller niche with substantial amount of traffic per month.

So what traffic am I talking about? This is none other than the organic traffic or in layman term the traffic from search engines. I soon understand that in order to earn passive income online, one of the best way is via Adsense and to rank top in search engines in particularly Google. You might not make much money for a start because it takes time for you to rank top in Google. But it isn't tough to reach the top because the only key to hit the target is by getting more backlinks and writing relevant content.

Stop getting social traffic because it will not make you any money except that too get a few links or so. The true way to make money online is to aim for organic traffic period.

Rent Textbooks To Make Money Online

Making money online isn't any rocket science. In fact, there are more physical stores coming into the cyberworld and create their own online store with affiliate systems to further boost their sales. Just recently, I came across a site that talks about the rental of textbooks which is a pretty interesting idea.

We all know that the textbooks are often pretty costly and we wouldn't even need it for more than 2 years probably. It would be a complete waste to purchase it unless we really need it for long term. To tackle this problem, the only solution is to rent textbooks.

With this, if you have any real life problem and couldn't be resolved, it might not be a bad thing. This will trigger your thinking cap and perhaps come up with a solution which can be promoted online. There are many advantages of bringing the business online which include no inventory holding for dropshipping, rental cost and almost unlimited prospects.

This is one good area in which we can explore different money making ideas and if you are currently owning any business, it would be good to start moving it online to cut costs, boost brand name and to target borderless prospects.

Basics Of Affiliate Marketing

As more and more people are learning how to earn money online, it increases the amount of competitiveness in the online business. Thus, it is getting more and more difficult when trying to make money online. But does it mean that it becomes impossible to make some extra cash online?

But do you know what exactly is affiliate marketing? Let me explain a little bit more about this.

Affiliate marketing is a cooperative effort between the merchant’s site and an affiliate’s site in which the affiliates will drive traffic to the merchant’s site. The objective of referring visitors to the merchant’s site is to earn commission when the visitor purchases a product from the merchant via your affiliate links. This is a very powerful method which merchant leverage on and it is a win-win situation for both sides.

Many internet marketers are now leveraging on product launches to reap in huge profits during the initial launch but not many people have success in this. Apart from this, most people have no idea how they could rank top in Google and making use of the targeted traffic to convert those into sales. In fact, these problems are all address in Chris Fox Google Terminator which is releasing on 27th November 2009. This could be a killer product and help many newbies earn their first paycheck.

So make sure to check out this product if you are keen in the field of affiliate marketing. There are so many different product launches every day and make sure you grab a pie of those profits! Don't miss this solid and real ways to make money from home.

Am I Too Stupid To Make Money Online?

There are tons of IM gurus out there who claimed that making money online is easy and simple but most people don't agree because they can't even earn $100 per month online. So are we too stupid or because we don't put in much effort or we don't take internet marketing seriously?

In fact, only you know the answer. Stop falling into the trap of doing paid surveys or make money online forum because what you will earn from this is really too little. There is no fast ways to make money online. This game is all about finding the right keywords, working on your SEO, churning tons and tons of article, building links and after all this is done, then you can start to dream about making money.

Most people don't succeed in IM because they don't treat this seriously and they want to see instant profits. But let me ask you this question? Where on earth can you find this type of opportunity? So the only way to build up your online business is really to put in a lot of effort.

IM is still in the infant stage and there are still so much more money to be shared. Don't worry about it going too saturated because this will not happen at least in the near future. Start taking action and read blogs that really give you value like Griz make money online blog. He is a genius when it comes to getting organic traffic and that is the real way to make money online.

Just by reading his blog alone, I managed to get 5 out of 10 sites to rank top in Google and those sites are now making a few hundred dollars every month. Once you know the technique, it is really just to rinse the entire method and you will soon build your online wealth. In fact, we can now see small kids setting up blogs talking about how kids can make money online because this process is really simple. Try it and you will know.

I have started to go into affiliate marketing and is trying to use whatever knowledge I have to test this area out. If you like to follow me on my journey to make money online via affiliate marketing, feel free to come to my blog at

See ya around!
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Brief Concept Of SEOs

What Is SEOs?

SEOs is the process of improving the volume and quality of traffic to a website from search engines via organic search results for targeted keywords. Simply put, it means improving the position of your website on the Search Engine Results Page. (SERP)

What Is SERP?

SERP is a list of webpages shown on the search engines for a particular keyword search. The list of webpages usually contains title, a short description of the content and also a link to the page. Therefore, when I said ranking high on SERP, it means getting listed on the top few positions of the results page for a keyword search.

Why Is SEOs Important?

SEOs help a website to climb in the SERP for targeted keywords. The higher your page is on the SERP, the better the chances that people will visit your site.

Most webmasters are concentrating on improving their SEOs since this is the best free source of traffic in the long run. It will take you 3-6 months to rank high on search engines for a keyword that has a decent amount of searches every month. SEOs are considered to be successful only when you hit the top 3 position on the search engines. Put yourself in the same shoes, you will always click on the link of the top 3 position first before even looking at the rest.

Apart from SEOs, the other factor that affects your Google rankings is Google Pagerank. But I believe that if you are able to improve your SEOs, Google Pagerank will come naturally since it just involves building backlinks which is also part of the technique to improve SEOs. So stop worrying if you got Google Pagerank or not because just focusing on improving SEOs will eventually get you a PR. I guarantee this.

Black Hat Vs White Hat SEOs

Have you heard of the differences between these 2 approaches of SEOs? As the name suggests, black hat SEOs is not an accepted technique to use by search engines and will be penalized. On the other hand, white hat SEOs is the technique that I will be teaching you later on this article. But, I will briefly run through the various type of technique that is known as black hat. I am not encouraging you to use it but instead to let you know so that you would avoid implementing it on your blog. Below are the few commonly used black hat SEOs which you may or may not know, falls under the black hat category:

1) Mass blog networks

This is to set up 50-100 blogs targeting different keywords and linking to the main blog. For example, when you use Google Adwords keyword tool, you will find a list of similar keywords that people have search. Thus, instead of just targeting 1-2 keywords, people who uses black hat SEO create a network of blogs targeting the entire list of keywords provided by Google. They will then link it back to the main blog.

2) Overcrowding of keywords

Overcrowding the site with your targeted keywords are also considered black hat incase you don’t know about this. These sites basically have very little content and most of it is filled with keywords. Their purpose is to rank high on search engines and get individuals to buy their products.

3) Invisible text

This means placing white text on a white background which means that readers are unable to see it thus naming this as invisible text. The text usually contains keywords which are not wanted to be viewed by readers but will be seen by search engine spiders.

4) Redirecting

This is used when a site gets rank pretty high on the search engines. Therefore, instead of getting visitors to read their site, they redirect it to their affiliate sales copy. Although this method does not help in improving your SEOs, it makes use of the SERP rankings to redirect visitors to a sales page instead of its own website.
Pretty unethical isn’t it?

2 Approaches To Improve White Hat SEOs

There only 2 approaches to improving SEOs - mainly on page SEOs and off page SEOs. On page SEOs means action in which you can take on your own website to improve on SEOs. This basically means the usage of titles, tags etc.
Off page SEOs means action you need to take outside of your own website which is building backlinks.

How To Improve Off Page SEOs

The only way to improve your off page SEOs is by building backlinks. Build natural and quality backlinks overtime. Forum marketing, comment marketing and article marketing are all great ways to build 1 way link.

Reciprocal links has lesser weightage compared to 1 way link because there are simply too many websites that try to engage in link exchanging as a way to improve SEOs. If you really want to do link exchanging, then I suggest you using triangular linking.

Triangular linking means Site A will link to Site B, Site B will link to Site C and Site C will link to Site A. Thus this creates a 1 way link to your site.

With that said, reciprocal link is better than no link. But if the situation allows, always opt for 3 way link.

6 Ways To Improve On Page SEOs

1) Title tags

Name each of the individual articles with the keywords you wish to target. It will look something like the image below.

This title tag is the link that will appear on search engine thus it is important to choose the right title. You can used SEO Title Tag plugin to edit your articles if you are a wordpress user. For blogger user, the title that we used for the article will be part of the title tag. Therefore, make sure you have your keyword in the article title.

2) Tags

Using of proper tags for every of your post helps in SEO as well. If you remember, I have told you to use the tags on every of your published articles as it will be helpful in your SEOs.

3) Sitemaps

Submit to Google Webmasters and it makes the spiders crawled to the page that are deep into your root directory as well. For blogger, our sitemap is located at

4) Internal linking

Internal linking are good for building backlinks. This is also effective in improving your SEOs. Find those articles that have been neglected by search engines and pass some link love to it as well. Do not let your old articles go down the drain.

5) Use of proper permalinks

Avoid using long links. Search engines often favor the page closest to the root directory. Simply put, your permalinks should be like this For my case, I have a long URL which includes the year and month that I published my articles because we are not able to control the permalinks that is on blogger.

6) Use of robots.txt

Robot.txt is a file which gives instructions to tell search engines spiders which pages are to be ignored and not to be indexed. The purpose is to stop the pages from appearing in search engines to prevent any duplicate issue.