Rent Textbooks To Make Money Online

Making money online isn't any rocket science. In fact, there are more physical stores coming into the cyberworld and create their own online store with affiliate systems to further boost their sales. Just recently, I came across a site that talks about the rental of textbooks which is a pretty interesting idea.

We all know that the textbooks are often pretty costly and we wouldn't even need it for more than 2 years probably. It would be a complete waste to purchase it unless we really need it for long term. To tackle this problem, the only solution is to rent textbooks.

With this, if you have any real life problem and couldn't be resolved, it might not be a bad thing. This will trigger your thinking cap and perhaps come up with a solution which can be promoted online. There are many advantages of bringing the business online which include no inventory holding for dropshipping, rental cost and almost unlimited prospects.

This is one good area in which we can explore different money making ideas and if you are currently owning any business, it would be good to start moving it online to cut costs, boost brand name and to target borderless prospects.


Jeff Gold said...

I really wish they would have had something like this when I was in college. Textbooks are so expensive and students practically have no money. Renting would have really saved a lot so I can see how it would make a great business.