Make Money Through Blogging

If you notice, there are more and more business trying to boost their online presence by blogging. This is because blogging not only allow them to target international clients but also enhance the popularity of their brand name. This gives us a very good indication that there are a lot of money out there in the Internet and we should try to grab a pie of it.

I would recommend you to start with setting up a blog to try to make money online because this is by far the easiest. If you are a total noob in SEO, use Wordpress because there are plugins to help you optimize your on site SEO. But exactly how do your make money with wordpress?

Simple. Write a few articles targeting low competitive niche and put up Adsense. This is by far the easiest method to make money if you know how to choose the right keyword. But if you choose to target keywords that are really competitive, then don't expect it to make money within the first 6-12 months at least.

Here is a simple outline on how you can go about choosing a good keyword:

1) Go Amazon, Flippa or any article directory site and look for any words that you fancy.
2) Put those words into Google Keyword Tool to generate a list of keywords. Usually the longer tail keywords are less competitive and I would almost 100% sure that 1 word keyword are very very competitive.
3) Input each of the keywords generated from the keyword tool into If your keyword is make money online, then type in the quotes. In short, type "keyword" into
4) Eliminate keywords that have results greater than 200,000. This is just a general guideline but good enough if you do not know how to select a good keyword.

I couldn't stress how important it is to choose the correct keywords because half the battle is won if this is done correctly. If you want a more concrete system on this, I recommend you to take a look at Zero Cost Profits.