8 Ways To Monetize Your Blog

I have tested all the 8 methods on my blog but only a few are helping me to make income online. The rest of the methods are not suitable to be used on my blog. Therefore, you can use any of the 8 methods I mention to monetize your blog. Test it to see the results. I will now go straight into the 8 methods.

1) PPC advertising

This is by far the most commonly use method to monetize a blog. You make money by placing ads on your blogs. Every click on the ads will give you a certain amount of money depending on the how much the advertisers are offering. However, most PPC networks should have their internal tracking for you to check your performance. Place the ads in different places and you might experience different results. Examples of the PPC network include Google Adsense, Bidvertise and Chitika.

2) Direct Ads Sales

Selling your own advertising space is the bread and butter of most bloggers. It gives you monthly passive income should the advertisers are placing it for long. However, if your blog are still an the infant stage, you need to approach advertisers to see if they are interested in sponsoring your blog. You can read more on how to find your advertisers here:

3) Reviews

You can write review on specific topic or product and get paid for it. You are usually given better opportunities when you have higher PR and lower alexa rank. It can range from $5 - $200 per review. There are several review network company such as payperpost, reviewme and sponsoredreviews. At the same time, you can advertise on your blog to do sponsored review and thus the review network company will not get a cut in between. This is widely used for new blogs who just got updated with PR and you get nice income from it if you are not lazy.

4) Affiliate marketing

This is the most powerful tool to make money online. Affiliate marketing simply means selling other people products and getting a commission out of it. You can find a lot of products to sell and it includes digital as well as physical product. The more commonly use affiliate networks are ClickBank, CJ and PayDotCom. You will need to leverage on your traffic and write a review of the product to recommend it to your readers.

5) Text Links

This is basically selling links from your blog to the advertisers. However, text links are less popular compared to banner advertising. Again this is very dependent on PR and alexa rank. You can find the text links network such as TextLinkAds, Linkworth and TNX to find advertisers.

6) Selling E-Book

If you have flair in a certain topic and could teach people on something regarding the topic, then you should consider writing an E-Book to sell. This is a one time effort but could yield you a lot of money if you content are valuable. If you notice there are so many E-Books on similar topics but people still keep buying. This is because people are using money to buy hope. An example of E-Book is "How to make your first million" which will attract a lot of people who are working towards that goal. They are willing to pay $20 in order to read the method and hoping that they could earn one million dollars. Promote the E-Book through your blog to start seeing sales coming in.

7) Referrals

You can do referral advertising but asking people to join certain network. Example of this are payperpost and freebies4webmaster. You will be paid a certain amount if they sign up with the company. This is relatively simple if you have traffic and could easily make hundreds of dollars from it.

8) Donation

It wouldn't harm if you put a donation button on your blog. People might like your content and want to buy you a beer or something. Therefore, donations are the best way to show their appreciation for your hard work. Although you would not make a lot from this area, but remember that you should earn money online through many income streams.

Do try the methods above and track the results. All the best. Enjoy!

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8 Tips To Get More Comments

Ok I will be back in shape now to write for Successbiz4all again. Have been really too busy these days and will start getting active again. Let's touch on this topic with how to get more comments on your blog. However, you need to keep in mind that you need quality traffic first before even thinking of having people to leave comments on your blog.

Basically I separate readers into 3 categories :

1) Browse & Go

These are the group of people that have short attention span and spend very little time on a blog. Most of the time they are interested in only reading contents and not doing anything else. They are also not loyal to any blogs because they go from blogs to blogs just for content.

2) Passive Reader

They are loyal readers of your blog and I really mean loyal "readers". They do come back to your blog everyday to read on your content and do nothing else even though your content might be fantastic. One very good reason they don't leave comment is because your blog are NoFollow and zero PR. There are not direct benefits for them leaving comment on your article and thus they are only purely interested in reading.

3) Active Reader

These are the most desired group that any blog wants to have. They are loyal readers of your blog and comment on most of your article. They add value to your article with constructive comments or sometimes compliment on your writing. This blog used to have 5-10 frequent commenters but have since stop after my activeness on the blog decrease gradually. I believe they will soon come back once I keep posting great content again.

Why Need More Comments

1) Social Proof

I have been stressing alot on the social proof of your blog and comment is another area which you can work on apart from your feed subscribers count. When there are many comments on your article, people would be influenced with the thoughts that your blog are popular. At the same time, you will be portrayed as someone with great knowledge on the niche that you are blogging about.

2) Wider Exposure

When there are many comments on your article, it gives your article a wider exposure because people that drop by your blog will be attracted by the high comments number on your article. This will increase the chances of them to read your blog and perhaps convert them into your regular reader.

8 Tips To Get More Comments

1) Interact with your readers

Try to answer on the questions ask in the comments and interact with your readers as well. Never leave a question unanswered. This is especially important when your blogs are starting out because you want your readers to know that their comments are being valued.

2) Ask questions

Try to post a question at the end of the article to start the comment ball rolling. This is because there are people who do not know how to make constructive comments and by asking a question, you give them an idea on what to write in comments. This technique is good and effective if you have a certain amount of quality traffic - active readers. As your blog grows, use this technique on every article get people to comment.

3) Use compelling headlines

Use headlines that are not attractive to draw their attention. An example is " Making money online blog are dying off". This will be any interesting title for many bloggers who are in this niche to read and write their opinion in the comment section.

4) Make your blog DoFollow

Reward your reader for writting in their opinion by giving a backlink to their web URL. This becomes a win-win situation for both side and will definitely increase the number of comments on your blog especially when you have a PR.

5) Leave some area of content untouched

Try to leave some content or area for your reader to write on to add value to your article. If you have covered all the areas for that topic, your readers will find it difficult to put value into their comments.

6) Use comment encouraging plugins

This applies more for the wordpress user because they have plugins like commentluv, top commentator and subscribe to comment which will encourage more comments due to the backlink given to their post or webpage. Blogger have its own widget like top commentators but I find it not very well designed and that is why I don't used.

7) Try to get a PR

When you have PR 3-4 and your blog is DoFollow, it will lead to a lot of comments both constructive and spam on your blog. You should know the reason why this happens?

8) I would like to hear from you on what other tips you can suggest to the successbiz4all community.

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Results Of First Contest

Sorry guys for the late post but it is still 16th sept so I do keep to my promise. Ok, the top 3 winners can be seen from the image below:

The winners are:

1st prize : conexantz@hotmail.com ( $50 paypal & $30 Amazon Gift Card )
2nd prize: jiafang86@hotmail.com ( $30 paypal & $20 Amazon Gift Card )
3rd prize: aztala@gmail.com ( $10 paypal & $10 Amazon Gift Card )

I have email the 3 winners to send in their paypal email address. Congrats to the 3 winners and thanks all for your support and contributions to this contest. I will hold up another one at the end of this month and this time round I will try to increase the prizes should I be able to get sponsors for it.

Do continue to come back for more content as well as future contests.

Successbiz4all Celebrates 2nd month

My blog began on the 16th July and it is exactly 2 months from it now. It is time to share my 2nd month results with you guys again. Once again, thanks for the support.

  • Over 8200+ visits ( 2300+ visits on first month )
  • About 170 visitors daily ( 80 daily visitors on first month )
  • 12000+ page views ( 4200+ page views on first month )
  • Close to 50 newsletter subscribers ( 30 newsletter subscribers on first month )
  • 200+ feed subscribers ( 40+ subscribers on first month )
  • Alexa ranking dropped to around 450,000 ( 1.2 million on first month )

Pretty satisfactory results for me and I will continue to work hard to provide better content for you. Do give me the same support on my coaching blog starting out tomorrow at www.abloggerblog.com

Why Do People Subscribe To Your Blog

Why do people subscribe to blog? Out of 50 people that I asked, this is their response:

29 voted on quality content
11 voted on gathering topic ideas to blog
7 voted on keeping track of competitors
3 voted on contest

Quality Content

Content will always be the soul of any blog. Whether a blog is successful or not will always depend on the content that it provides. More importantly to provide consistent quality content and not just writing 1-2 fantastic articles and hoping the few articles will bring you blogging success. Dream on bloggers!

Gathering Topic Ideas

I do look around other blogs to see what they are writing about and try to see if I could add any additional content or ideas to the similar topic that they have already blogged about. This will also be a unique point that you could present on your blog.

In order to get people to subscribe to your blog for the reason of gathering topic ideas, it will link back to your "soul of the blog" - content. You need to constantly provide quality contents to give other bloggers of similar niche a reason to subscribe to you.

Keeping Track Of Competitors

This will be more applicable to blogs of your similar size or traffic. People love to compete and see how much they have improve over the week, month and year. By keeping track of your competitors, you will know when they have a traffic spike and what are the topics that they blog about which lead to this. You should then try to extend on the information that your competitors have provide because this is the area of topics that people are interested in and are proven by your competitors blog.


I have tested this for you and you should have seen the leap in the number of subscribers to my blog. This is by far the most easiest way to increase subscribers count. However, from the group of 50 people that I surveyed, only 3 subscribed to blog due to contest. From this we can see that this will never be best reason that people subscribe to your blog.

Out of the 4 reasons that people subscribed to blog, 2 of the reason are dependent on the factor of quality content. Thus, creating quality content will be the key to success on any blog.

Today will be the last day to enter my contest and I will be announcing the winners tomorrow. You can read more on the contest here. I have about 75 unique subscribers as of now and hope to see a miracle of it hitting 100 so that I will give out prize to the 4-10th place winners as well. All the best.

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How I Obtain 76 Backlinks On Google In 1 month - Part 3

This will be the last part for this series and if you missed out on my previous 2 posts, you can read it here:

The last method that I have used to obtain backlinks are the most easiest to obtain and which is through great content. With great content posted on your blogs, it will attract readers to come back again for more of it. And at the same time, the chances of them linking back to your blog is much higher if they find that your content is worthwhile to be read by their audiences. This is the most powerful backlinks in which you should concentrate.

Why do I say so? Your readers maybe someone with a blog of mediocore size and getting a traffic of around 500-1000 visitors per day. If they were to recommend your content and linkback from their blog, you have gotten yourself a nice traffic source. Thus, you might be able to convert this linked traffic into your regular readers. Imagine just converting 5% of the linked traffic to your blog, you are gaining around 25-50 more subscribers to your blog.

Quality content will always be the skeleton of your blog. Without keeping new and quality content coming in, you will risk losing your audiences. This is the perfect example on my blog because I have not been posting regularly on my blog this week and I lose a handful of readers.

Then you will start asking me, what kind of content is regarded as quality content? What is the kind of content people will be interested in reading? Although I will not be able to tell you on the specific topic to write for your niche, I could still tell you what category of articles you should produce to capture their attention. Headlines or title of your post is also another important component in writing great content.

I will be covering more on how to create better headlines as well as content in my coaching blog at www [dot] abloggerblog [dot] com which will be starting out on the 16th sept 08. I will be posting 1-2 articles prior to the launch of my new blog. Do subscribe to it for updates on my blog.

Enjoy your weekend.

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Sorry for the lack of post

I know I have not been posting in here for a few days and the quality of content has not been there. I am sure most of you would know that I am actually preparing for my the coaching blog at www.abloggerblog.com and was spending lots of time to churn out the articles for the outline of the blog.

Don't delete this blog from your bookmarks or unsubscribe to this blog because there will still be great content coming up soon. You can help me by spreading my coaching blog to your friends keen on getting or trying out on blogging to make money.

There is a saying " you will never know what you get until you try ". So give yourself a chance to get loose of your daily 8-5 job and trying to work full time on blogging. I can be your stream source of knowledge in blogging if you trust me and do what I suggest you to do.

Good night all.

Online Coaching To Blogging

I will setting up a new blog to do online coaching for blogging. This coaching will be free and at the same time will be a structure form of coaching. After 1 year of blogging, I have more experience and at the same time gain a lot of knowledge on blogging.

My new blog will begin on 16th Sept 08. The URL will be : abloggerblog [dot] com

You can read more at here.

How I Got Over 180 Subscribers In 2 Months

These might not be very fantastic results but I take into consideration that I am not any celebrities or famous in blogging. Therefore, getting 180 subscribers in 2 months are quite an achievement to me. But why do bloggers want to aim for high subscriber count? What impact does it have on a blog?

Why Get High Subscribers

1) Social Proof

High subscribers act as a form of social proof to others. Social proof in this case would mean that you have readers for your blog and might be worth their time to stop and read. This also increases the chance to convert visitors into regular readers since they actually stop and read your content. At the same time, your blog gain more exposure. This is also the reason why the bigger blogs grow so much faster due to the effect of social proof. If you put yourself into the same shoe as a visitor to a blog, does this apply to you as well?

2) Increase Daily Visits

This only applies when you update your blog daily. This is because when you update your blog, your subscribers will get an update on their RSS readers/aggregators. Therefore, they will click on the updated post and pay a visit to your blog. Once you have 100 over subscribers, you can expect at least 250 daily hits per day which is a rough estimate of around 200k Alexa weekly rank.

3) Increase Exposure & Backlinks

As your subscribers increase, your blog gain more exposure and your quality content gets a higher chance to be linked by other blogs. These are steps to getting more traffic to your blog when you are getting linked from other blogs. And these blogs can be those of average size and from their recommendations to your blog content, you can expect a traffic spike on your blog.

The above mention are easily attainable once you have a good amount of subscribers to your blog. You can read on what I actually did to attain this in my previous post on " 8 Tips To Increase RSS Subscribers "

These are the things that I have done to achieve this results. You can choose 4 out of the 8 tips to focus on and will also get very good results. But you must take action in order to achieve this. Don't be lazy and expect to get results.

Payment From Freebies4Webmasters

I have gotten my 2nd paypal payment from freebies4webmasters and would like to share with you guys.

Pretty easy money since I just wrote the review once and gotten a few referrals from this. Although it is just $60 over, do remember that earning income online is about getting your income from several sources. Thanks for those that have join through my link thus giving me this small extra income.

You can register through my link again if you like to register your other blogs or do referral job like I am doing.

For the past review I have done, please click on the link to read more:

Review on Freebies4webmaster - Earn your first income online

Off to sleep. Good night guys.

How I Obtain 76 Backlinks On Google In 1 month - Part 2

Sorry guys for not updating my blog for 4 days but I was really busy these days as I am working on my other blogs as well. Anyway, I will post my 2nd series on how I obtain backlinks in 1 month. Another very effective way in which I build my backlinks are through internal linking. Internal linking is basically linking to other pages on your own blog.

Effectively, you are casting a vote on your own article by linking it back from other posts. Therefore, this increases the chances of obtaining backlinks on your other pages of the blog and not just the homepage. At the same time, there are many other advantages of doing internal linking.

4 Advantages Of Internal Linking

1) More exposure

When you do internal linking, you could actually dig out your older quality articles and provide value to your new readers. Most people are lazy to browse through your archive section and might miss out on posts of similar topic. Therefore, with internal linking, you make the life easier for your viewers. You have spend time to type out the articles so do no neglect the older articles and let your readers have more content to read.

2) Increase page view

We have to try to understand the mindset of internet users and try to optimize our blogs to get the best results. I have experimented with internal linking and it does increase the number of page views quite significantly. The reason for this is because the readers are looking for more information on a particular topic and by doing internal linking to olders articles of relevant content will improve the number of page views.

You often will see blogs that put up their more popular articles at their homepage to attract attention and get readers to read on them. This is also another way of internal linking which leads to increase page views and backlinks.

3) Increase Page Rank

When you do internal linking, some of the PR juice on your homepages will be link to your other pages which will in turn gain some nice PR as well. Although PR is not very significant for many bloggers, I do still recommend you to obtain a nice PR rank if your focus is on doing reviews as well as placement of text links. These are good ways to monetize your blog.

4) Improve SEOs

One of the ways to improve SEOs are through building backlinks. Therefore, internal linking is also a way to build backlinks for your other pages on your blog. This will allow the older articles on your blog to still rank reasonably well on the SERPs should you work on the internal linking of articles. This will also increase your organic traffic over time.

3 Easy Steps To Improve Internal Linking

1) Working on a series of post

You can create on a series of post to improve your internal linking. You can use this method if you think that you have too much content to write on a particular subject and should break it to 2-3 parts to faciliate easier reading for your viewers.

2) Featuring popular posts

This is also another easy way to build internal links. You can choose to feature post that gain a lot of comments and put it up on your homepage.

3) Summarize blog topics for the month

You can also create a summary every month to link to your more popular posts for the month. Alternatively, you can create an articles archive page to add in the links of your articles on it. This foster on your internal linking of blogs as well.

These are just some of the ways that are easy to improve on your internal linking. If you have not done a single linking to your other posts yet, start doing it today because it will be crucial in the long run of your blog.

You can also read on my first part of this series:

How I Obtain 76 Backlinks On Google In 1 month - Part 1

Hope you enjoy the post and start working on it today.

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