How I Obtain 76 Backlinks On Google In 1 month - Part 2

Sorry guys for not updating my blog for 4 days but I was really busy these days as I am working on my other blogs as well. Anyway, I will post my 2nd series on how I obtain backlinks in 1 month. Another very effective way in which I build my backlinks are through internal linking. Internal linking is basically linking to other pages on your own blog.

Effectively, you are casting a vote on your own article by linking it back from other posts. Therefore, this increases the chances of obtaining backlinks on your other pages of the blog and not just the homepage. At the same time, there are many other advantages of doing internal linking.

4 Advantages Of Internal Linking

1) More exposure

When you do internal linking, you could actually dig out your older quality articles and provide value to your new readers. Most people are lazy to browse through your archive section and might miss out on posts of similar topic. Therefore, with internal linking, you make the life easier for your viewers. You have spend time to type out the articles so do no neglect the older articles and let your readers have more content to read.

2) Increase page view

We have to try to understand the mindset of internet users and try to optimize our blogs to get the best results. I have experimented with internal linking and it does increase the number of page views quite significantly. The reason for this is because the readers are looking for more information on a particular topic and by doing internal linking to olders articles of relevant content will improve the number of page views.

You often will see blogs that put up their more popular articles at their homepage to attract attention and get readers to read on them. This is also another way of internal linking which leads to increase page views and backlinks.

3) Increase Page Rank

When you do internal linking, some of the PR juice on your homepages will be link to your other pages which will in turn gain some nice PR as well. Although PR is not very significant for many bloggers, I do still recommend you to obtain a nice PR rank if your focus is on doing reviews as well as placement of text links. These are good ways to monetize your blog.

4) Improve SEOs

One of the ways to improve SEOs are through building backlinks. Therefore, internal linking is also a way to build backlinks for your other pages on your blog. This will allow the older articles on your blog to still rank reasonably well on the SERPs should you work on the internal linking of articles. This will also increase your organic traffic over time.

3 Easy Steps To Improve Internal Linking

1) Working on a series of post

You can create on a series of post to improve your internal linking. You can use this method if you think that you have too much content to write on a particular subject and should break it to 2-3 parts to faciliate easier reading for your viewers.

2) Featuring popular posts

This is also another easy way to build internal links. You can choose to feature post that gain a lot of comments and put it up on your homepage.

3) Summarize blog topics for the month

You can also create a summary every month to link to your more popular posts for the month. Alternatively, you can create an articles archive page to add in the links of your articles on it. This foster on your internal linking of blogs as well.

These are just some of the ways that are easy to improve on your internal linking. If you have not done a single linking to your other posts yet, start doing it today because it will be crucial in the long run of your blog.

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Hope you enjoy the post and start working on it today.

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dimaks said...

what can you say about a post page, with certain anchor texts in it that is linked to its own post url? does it fall under the same case?

Wei Liang said...

Anchor text are just descriptive words masking over a URL link. If the URL link is to an internal page of your own blog then it does falls under internal linking.

tjefferson85 said...

Good article, i'll see if it works for me.

Kurt said...

Thanks for sharing, I know there's a wordpress plugin which enables your website to display similar topics and popular posts, but I've never tried it. Does that do the job in terms of internal linking?

Wei Liang said...

Hi Kurt,

Yes that does work as well but if you do internal linking on your blog post, it will increase the chance of having your readers click on the link and read more. This will in turn increases the number of page views and let your previous content have more exposure.