8 Tips To Get More Comments

Ok I will be back in shape now to write for Successbiz4all again. Have been really too busy these days and will start getting active again. Let's touch on this topic with how to get more comments on your blog. However, you need to keep in mind that you need quality traffic first before even thinking of having people to leave comments on your blog.

Basically I separate readers into 3 categories :

1) Browse & Go

These are the group of people that have short attention span and spend very little time on a blog. Most of the time they are interested in only reading contents and not doing anything else. They are also not loyal to any blogs because they go from blogs to blogs just for content.

2) Passive Reader

They are loyal readers of your blog and I really mean loyal "readers". They do come back to your blog everyday to read on your content and do nothing else even though your content might be fantastic. One very good reason they don't leave comment is because your blog are NoFollow and zero PR. There are not direct benefits for them leaving comment on your article and thus they are only purely interested in reading.

3) Active Reader

These are the most desired group that any blog wants to have. They are loyal readers of your blog and comment on most of your article. They add value to your article with constructive comments or sometimes compliment on your writing. This blog used to have 5-10 frequent commenters but have since stop after my activeness on the blog decrease gradually. I believe they will soon come back once I keep posting great content again.

Why Need More Comments

1) Social Proof

I have been stressing alot on the social proof of your blog and comment is another area which you can work on apart from your feed subscribers count. When there are many comments on your article, people would be influenced with the thoughts that your blog are popular. At the same time, you will be portrayed as someone with great knowledge on the niche that you are blogging about.

2) Wider Exposure

When there are many comments on your article, it gives your article a wider exposure because people that drop by your blog will be attracted by the high comments number on your article. This will increase the chances of them to read your blog and perhaps convert them into your regular reader.

8 Tips To Get More Comments

1) Interact with your readers

Try to answer on the questions ask in the comments and interact with your readers as well. Never leave a question unanswered. This is especially important when your blogs are starting out because you want your readers to know that their comments are being valued.

2) Ask questions

Try to post a question at the end of the article to start the comment ball rolling. This is because there are people who do not know how to make constructive comments and by asking a question, you give them an idea on what to write in comments. This technique is good and effective if you have a certain amount of quality traffic - active readers. As your blog grows, use this technique on every article get people to comment.

3) Use compelling headlines

Use headlines that are not attractive to draw their attention. An example is " Making money online blog are dying off". This will be any interesting title for many bloggers who are in this niche to read and write their opinion in the comment section.

4) Make your blog DoFollow

Reward your reader for writting in their opinion by giving a backlink to their web URL. This becomes a win-win situation for both side and will definitely increase the number of comments on your blog especially when you have a PR.

5) Leave some area of content untouched

Try to leave some content or area for your reader to write on to add value to your article. If you have covered all the areas for that topic, your readers will find it difficult to put value into their comments.

6) Use comment encouraging plugins

This applies more for the wordpress user because they have plugins like commentluv, top commentator and subscribe to comment which will encourage more comments due to the backlink given to their post or webpage. Blogger have its own widget like top commentators but I find it not very well designed and that is why I don't used.

7) Try to get a PR

When you have PR 3-4 and your blog is DoFollow, it will lead to a lot of comments both constructive and spam on your blog. You should know the reason why this happens?

8) I would like to hear from you on what other tips you can suggest to the successbiz4all community.

Do add in your opinion below in the comments. Subscribe to my blog to get more content like this. Good night all.


sborg said...

I liked your post very much. How do I make sure that my blog is a 'do follow?'

Wei Liang said...

hi sborg,

you can check out http://webstractions.blogspot.com/2007/05/removing-nofollow-from-blogger-styled.html

It provides you on the guide on how to remove the nofollow tag.