Successbiz4all Celebrates 2nd month

My blog began on the 16th July and it is exactly 2 months from it now. It is time to share my 2nd month results with you guys again. Once again, thanks for the support.

  • Over 8200+ visits ( 2300+ visits on first month )
  • About 170 visitors daily ( 80 daily visitors on first month )
  • 12000+ page views ( 4200+ page views on first month )
  • Close to 50 newsletter subscribers ( 30 newsletter subscribers on first month )
  • 200+ feed subscribers ( 40+ subscribers on first month )
  • Alexa ranking dropped to around 450,000 ( 1.2 million on first month )

Pretty satisfactory results for me and I will continue to work hard to provide better content for you. Do give me the same support on my coaching blog starting out tomorrow at


wiehanne said...

Happy 2nd month blogoversary~! You have a wow-ing stat for a 2 months old blog. :) Side note, I can't wait for the contest result. :P


i think i visited your blog more that 10 times already to check on the winner of the $50 for your contest.. Sept 15 is the announcement right? please let me win!