Why Do People Subscribe To Your Blog

Why do people subscribe to blog? Out of 50 people that I asked, this is their response:

29 voted on quality content
11 voted on gathering topic ideas to blog
7 voted on keeping track of competitors
3 voted on contest

Quality Content

Content will always be the soul of any blog. Whether a blog is successful or not will always depend on the content that it provides. More importantly to provide consistent quality content and not just writing 1-2 fantastic articles and hoping the few articles will bring you blogging success. Dream on bloggers!

Gathering Topic Ideas

I do look around other blogs to see what they are writing about and try to see if I could add any additional content or ideas to the similar topic that they have already blogged about. This will also be a unique point that you could present on your blog.

In order to get people to subscribe to your blog for the reason of gathering topic ideas, it will link back to your "soul of the blog" - content. You need to constantly provide quality contents to give other bloggers of similar niche a reason to subscribe to you.

Keeping Track Of Competitors

This will be more applicable to blogs of your similar size or traffic. People love to compete and see how much they have improve over the week, month and year. By keeping track of your competitors, you will know when they have a traffic spike and what are the topics that they blog about which lead to this. You should then try to extend on the information that your competitors have provide because this is the area of topics that people are interested in and are proven by your competitors blog.


I have tested this for you and you should have seen the leap in the number of subscribers to my blog. This is by far the most easiest way to increase subscribers count. However, from the group of 50 people that I surveyed, only 3 subscribed to blog due to contest. From this we can see that this will never be best reason that people subscribe to your blog.

Out of the 4 reasons that people subscribed to blog, 2 of the reason are dependent on the factor of quality content. Thus, creating quality content will be the key to success on any blog.

Today will be the last day to enter my contest and I will be announcing the winners tomorrow. You can read more on the contest here. I have about 75 unique subscribers as of now and hope to see a miracle of it hitting 100 so that I will give out prize to the 4-10th place winners as well. All the best.

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