Results Of First Contest

Sorry guys for the late post but it is still 16th sept so I do keep to my promise. Ok, the top 3 winners can be seen from the image below:

The winners are:

1st prize : ( $50 paypal & $30 Amazon Gift Card )
2nd prize: ( $30 paypal & $20 Amazon Gift Card )
3rd prize: ( $10 paypal & $10 Amazon Gift Card )

I have email the 3 winners to send in their paypal email address. Congrats to the 3 winners and thanks all for your support and contributions to this contest. I will hold up another one at the end of this month and this time round I will try to increase the prizes should I be able to get sponsors for it.

Do continue to come back for more content as well as future contests.


Roy said...

Congratulations to the winners!

I'll wait for the next contest, maybe I'll be luckier ;)

BloggerContests said...

Congrats to winners