Contest : Win Cash + Amazon Gift Cards

I am proud to share my results with you guys because you are the ones who helped me attain my target. My goal for this month was to get over 90 subscribers and my current subscribers count is at 114. Thank you for your support for making this blog at successful one.

I would like to use this opportunity to start a contest to give away some prizes to the you guys.

How to join:

Step 1: Subscribe to my feed via email subscription below :

Enter your email address:

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Step 2: Blog about this contest and post the URL in which you blog about the contest in the comments. ( Creating of a new blog just to blog about this contest is forbidded with effect from now which is 300808 1146pm GMT +8. )

(a) Include a 100 words on why you think successbiz4all is good and create a link back to successbiz4all.
(b) Why you join this contest?

You must completed Step 1 in order to qualify for the contest. Step 2 is optional but will give you 2 chances for the contest.

Contest prizes:

1st prize - USD $50 + $30 gift card
2nd prize - USD $30 + $20 gift card
3rd prize - USD $10 + $10 gift card

I might include prize for 4th - 10th prize should the number of people who participates exceed 200. All cash prizes will be transferred via paypal. Should paypal be unavailable in your country, I will convert the cash to gift card.

Those that are already in my RSS email subscription will be automatically qualified for this contest.

Contest will ends on 15th September, 2008. Winner will be selected through the list randomizer. Results will be posted here on 16th September, 2008.

Good luck all.


Sayz Lim said...

Umm, just asking... How do you know who subscribe via RSS? I know that we can track the email subscriber, but not for the feed.

Wei Liang said...

hi sayz lim,

if you notice my condition is to subscribe to my RSS via email subscription. I purposely highlighted it in red and placing the email subscription box on the post itself. We cannot track who subscribe to my feed if they do not abide this rule.

Wei Liang

Yan Shall Blog said...

Cool contest, wei liang. Count me in! I'll do something about the post over the weekend.

In the mean time, you take care. Thanks for visiting my site. Do join our friendly community.


Esther said...

I'm in. Have subscribed.


Kris Lim said...

Nice contest. I am a email subscriber and my email used is Thank you.

indocontest said...

Nice Contest.
Subscribed by email.
Blogged at:

dhyarga alfin said...

Count me too...Already subscribe:musyodik(at)gmail dot com

bm said...

Hi! Here's mine:

1.Subscribed via e-mail (j***
2. posted @

profwebs said...

HI Felix,

I applaud your efforts and wish you luck!

I subscribed to your RSS and you can find my post at

You should join Twitter as it can help expand your reach and your brand. I'm profwebs on twitter. Also, you may want to learn about affiliate marketing. If you go to my blog and search for "The Black Ink Project" you can find all the info you need in the links provided in the posts.

Wei Liang said...

Hi profwebs,

thank you for your participation on the contest. I am currently building my plurk profile and that is why i feel I should just dedicate time to 1 social media for now. I couldn't spare much time on building another social networking. Will look out for your blog soon.

Wei Liang

nhc1987 said...


Hope I can win.

Bunny B said...

Very cool prizes! I'd love to win! I've blogged and subscribed (bunnybox9 at lycos dot com)


Anonymous said...


Subscribed.And blogged here

gLf said...

Hi! Subscribed and blogged here:

Thanks a lot!

Sena said...

I've subscribed! Thanks! :)


Roy said...


I have subscribed at roysville(at)

will be back to put my entry link once I finished my post.


Roy said...

like I said, I'll be back to post my entry ;)

here's the link:
More money online - $90 with $60 gift card!


Chiro-Chiro said...

i've subscribed using personalcc2004 of yahoo.
blogged. :)

Sherry said...

I have subscribed using sherrygo at hotmail dot com and blog about the contest.

good luck :)

Wei Liang said...

Just an update on the websites that have blog about my contest.

1) Indocontest
2) bm
3) profwebs
4) bunny b
5) glf
6) anonymous
7) roy
8) chiro-chiro
9) Sherry

I need glf and anonymous to add in your email as well so that I can get you in for double chances to win.

Wei Liang said...

I would like to add on that creating of new blogs just to enter this contest is forbidded with effect from now.

It is my mistake that I did not make things clear so I will not accept any more of such cases. Thanks

Contest For Bloggers said...

Subscribed to email feed -> feed[at]

Blog post -> here


Matt @ Contest Live said...

subscribed via email and blogged about the contest here

Make sure to also submit and vote for your contest at

Dena said...

Subscribed by email.

softindierocker said...

Hey there!
I subscribed by email:
koolios (at) hotmail (dot) com

Thanks for the opportunity! =D

~Lucy D =)

Mark Sierra said...

I have subscribed to your RSS feed via email. Thanks for putting on this contest!

SuiteJ said...


I'm having a similar contest, but my goal is only 37! lol

Jay said...

Subscribed to email as navjotjsingh at gmail dot com.

Blogged about the contest at

kranjcar said...

Here my entries :

- Already subscribed via yahoo mail
- Posted here :

Yan Shall Blog said...

Here's my entry

Subscribed by the same email.

Glad to be part of the contest and good luck to all.


Anonymous said...


lethean79 at hotmail dot com

sapheyerblu said...

Just wanted to let you know that I've subscribed to your rss email feed.

I'll post about the contest before the end of the day.


busby challenge said...

I've subscribed to your rss email feed.

Jena Isle said...

Hi, I've already subscribed to your email subscription and wrote about the contest in my blog. Here is the URL address:

Thanks , I hope I'll win. Cheers!

danandmarsh said...

I subscribed and confirmed to your RSS by email.
I also blogged about it here
Journey To Online Business Success Contest


I have subscribed and blogged it here and here

Please let me win. I'll be donating books for the share-a-book drive if I do. My winnings will be for a very good cause. If you want to chek out about the book drive the link is here

Please let me win! You will be able to help a lot of kids.

Tamara said...

I have subscribed thank-you.

dustin said...

Subscribed via email and blogged about it here

Louis Liem said...

subscribed and posted here:

good luck!

Louis Liem said...

whoops, forgot to mention my email :)
it's bukikifeeds[at]gmaildotcom
my post is:


suree said...

I have posted a blog here abt the contest

i have subscribed to ur email feed too with email id blogcontests(at)worthtovisit(dot)com

rhyan said...

Here's my post:

subscribe via email

cah kontes said...

subscribed with email cahkontes at gmail dot com
and here's my post:

Riyanne said...

Great blog you got here.

Subscribed as:

Blogged it on:

Reid said...

Are there any PR restrictions for the contesting Blog ?

Wei Liang said...

Hi reid,

there is no PR restrictions in joining the contest. All you need is to subscribe to my RSS via email subscription. You can blog about this contest to earn additional chance to win.

TheContestBlogger said...


I have subscribed to your feed via email and confirmed my subscription.

my email is: thecontestblogger

I have also blogged about this contest here:

Good luck everyone :)

David said...

I subscribed to your blog :)

Pinaymom said...

I subscribed via email and write a post here:

Please add my entries. thanks!

wiehanne said...

Hi, I've done step 1 and 2:
- Subscribe via email (wiehanne[@]
- Blog it here (with point A and B):

SE7EN said...

1. subscribe with niceberry at gmail
2. blogged here

Jenelle said...

Heya! Count me in! just subscribed to your feed using jenellebautista(at)gmail(dot)com and posted an entry at my blog about this contest (here's the link: ) hope i'm not late upon joining your contest! :)


hi i'm just a little too exicted.. is there a winner already?! hope i win... please let me win. I'll be donating books for the share-a-book drive. I twill be for a very good cost.

teamlrc said...

I'd like to join. Subscribed to rss and also made a blog post.

mahajan.344 said...

1. i have subscribed feed using email

2. i have posted a post on my blog about this contest .
here is link:

..hope i will win...i really need cash