What Is SEOs

Search Engine Optimization ( SEOs ) is the process of improving the volume and quality of traffic to a website from search engines via organic search results for targeted keywords. What does this exactly mean? Simply put, this means improving the position of your webpage or blogs in the search engine result page ( SERPs ). For example, my previous post on how I top google search result ranking is an example of SEOs.

Why Is SEOs Important

We need to refer back to the definitions on SEOs which is the process of improving quality traffic from search engines. With this, we know that better SEOs would mean that our page would rank higher in a particular keyword search. The higher your site is on the list of SERPs, the higher the chances that it will be seen which also means more traffic for your website or blog.

If you are able to get your site to rank on the 1st page in a particular keyword search, the chances of visitors coming to your site is higher. I am saying this because I put myself into the searcher's shoes and I know that I would seldom go into the 2nd page of the search results. And because of this kind of mindset, SEOs are a very important criteria to improve on for all websites.

Of course, SEOs are not the only criteria to rank high on the SERPs because Google PR plays a part in this as well. After reading this post, do read my previous post on tips to improve your Google PR.

Two forms Of SEOs

There are 2 forms of SEOs. One which is using keyword density and the other using images. Keyword density basically means how many times a particular keywords appear on your website. However, do be careful that you do not purposely spam the keyword as this will cause Google to penalise you instead. Keep the keyword density below 5% . You can get more information regarding this on my previous post.

Using images is another form to improve your SEOs. People do go online to search for images and keywords are use to match the images. There are also image search engines to make it easier for people to look for what they want. Therefore, you could actually post the image to the search engine to improve on your SEOs. The major image search engines are actually Google, Picsearch and Yahoo. This is also another approach in which you can explore in to get traffic if your topic allows you to post a lot of images.

Two Approaches To SEOs

There are actually 2 approaches to improve SEOs - White Hat SEOs and Black Hat SEOs. Basically from the word itself, I am sure you can deduce which is the wiser approach to choose. Anyway, I will explain on the 2 approaches.

By definition, White Hat SEOs are websites that try to follow all of the search engine guidelines to optimize its site. At the same time, White Hat SEOs also ensure that the content a search engines indexes is the same content as what the reader sees on the webpage itself. You might be thinking what does this exactly mean but don't worry because once I tell you about Black Hat SEOs, you will automatically understand this portion. Therefore, it is said the White Hat SEOs create content for the web users and not for the search engines.

Black Hat SEOs on the hand trys to improve its web ranking in ways that do not follow the search engines guidelines. For the case of Black Hat SEOs, the content shown to the web users and search engines are different. A method called cloaking which causes the content to be different between web users and search engines. There are too much technical aspects in this in which I shall not say too much into this.

The consequences of using Black Hat SEOs would be rather heavy once it has been found by Google. Google PR would be reduced or even the whole index of the webpage is taken off from Google. That is how serious Black Hat SEOs can be so avoid on this. If you intend to engage SEOs expertise to help on your website, I suggest you do research on the company first because deciding on their service because you never know if they are actually engaging on the correct SEOs method.

2 Brief Ways to Improve SEOs

Improving SEOs can be categorised into 2 ways - On Page SEO and Off Page SEO.

On page SEOs basically means actions in which you can take on your own website to improve in the SERPs. This can generally be done through niche keyword selection, usage of meta tags and even images.

Off page SEOs means the creation of quality backlinks to your website. Similarly, you can read more regarding backlinks here.

I will be giving more detailed post on how to improve your SEOs later on. Post in my comments on what you think can improve your SEOs and I will tell you whether are you on the right track or not.

It is getting quite late here and I guess I got to go catch my sleep. Enojy reading :)

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