About Me

Hi guys,

I decided to do a post about myself and what I hope to achieve for myself as well as to my readers.

My name is Felix Goh Wei Liang and I am a 22 years old guy who lives in Singapore. You can address me as Felix or Wei Liang whichever you feel more comfortable with. I have been looking for opportunities to earn income online but failed terribly at the start of my blogging experience. There was no one to guide me and to recommend me to the type of programs which could actually let me earn money. All I know was Google Adsense which could only fetch me like $5.00 a month. I like many new internet marketers wanted to give up when I saw the pathetic results that I've gotten.

However, the freedom from 8-5 work drive me to carry on. I wanted to succeed in this line or at least make 2-3k extra income from blogging because I really hate that kind of life to report to your company from Monday to Friday and doing the same stuff over and over again. I want to lead a life where I can work as and when I like and yet earn sufficient income for me to sustain my daily spendings.

To be honest, I am not like those internet gurus who can earn 5 figure a month from blogging at the moment. However, I believe I could achieve that 1 day when I establish myself as a blogger who can help new bloggers achieve their first income online. I feel that this is important even though it is just 50 dollars in your first month of blogging as you will have a sense of achievement and continue to work hard.

My Vision

I aim to let every reader on my blog to earn at least 100 dollars in their first month of blogging. Apart from just telling you the programs to earn income, I will be telling you how you can refer people to join this program and earn from it as well. As a result, you need to get traffic to your website in order to achieve this. You can see that a portion of my blog is on traffic building and other blogging tips.

I truly believe in this phrase "you reap what you sow". If you work hard towards your goal, you will achieve it. However, don't expect it to be a smooth one. If you give up halfway, it shows how much determination you have as a person.

My Goal

To establish myself as a mentor to guide new blogger to earn their first income online. At the same time teaching new bloggers how to catch fish instead of just giving them the fish.


Moon Loh said...

Hi Wei Liang,

Recently I read about pro blogger - Yaro Starak's Blog Profits Bluerprint. He wrote about successful blogging, how to monetize your blog and many more.. It's worth to read. You can get it FREE from my website. Hope you enjoy! =)

Wei Liang said...

Hi Moon,

Its definitely worth the time to read Yaro Starak's Blog Profits Blueprint. In fact, I have already done so because I am a student of his as well :)


Kai Wei said...

Hi Wei Liang,

Came across your blog at BlogCatalog, and I truly feel the frustration of not having things going for you when just starting out, when the fire is there.

I was just like you, but keep up that fierce spirit. Keep moving every day and you'll get there one day.

BTW, you're a student of Yaro? You signed up for his Blog Mastermind Program?

Kai Wei

Wei Liang said...

Hi Kai Wei,

I am still learning and at the same time sharing my process. Yes I am a student of Yaro Starak and have sign up for the blog mastermind course to learn even more regarding Internet Marketing. I hope to share some of my experiences to my readers too.

Wei Liang

Serge said...

I think you need to set up a proper web-address first. :)
Good Luck!

Wei Liang said...

Hi serge,

I am currently setting up a website to do a step by step coaching on blogging. I will post the coaching every 2-3 days and it will be a series of post.

lotusflower said...

I just joined your contest. I might just win.


Michael J. Austin said...

Your post on 8 ways to make money from your blog is great. I'd like to join TNX but they require an invite from a current member. If you'd like to invite me and get a fee for it, let me know.