Review on CreditBurner

It has been quite some time in which I post another source of income of you guys. Hopefully the previous sources that I introduce have work out for you. Ok now let's move on to another source of income which is CreditBurner.

Some people ask me " Hey Wei Liang, do you get a cut in introducing us the programs? " My answer is yes because I get referrals to join program and in turn I will be getting certain amount of commissions for that. And this is what I want the rest of you to do as well. Once you have join this particular money network and use it, review it and let the rest of your readers know about this as well. In turn you could earn some commissions by referring them to the program too.

Then again some people ask me " Hey Wei Liang, why don't you cloak your affliate links? " To me, I find it not necessary to do so because I do not want to hide the fact that I am an affliate of the program. If people do not want to sign up under you, no matter how you hide or cloak the link, they will still stand by their same decision.

Ok I shall cut the crap and start my review on CreditBurner.

What Is CreditBurner

CreditBurner is a PTP (Paid to Promote) network system. This means that you will be paid by promoting some advertisements assigned by them. They have various forms of advertising which include banners and link texts. Basically it is like putting up some advertisements and earning some credits from it.

How Does CreditBurner Works

It is different from the pay per click advertising in which you need people to click on your ads to earn some money. In this program, they will paying you by per 1000 impressions. Per 1000 impressions mean you need to expose your blog or websites to 1000 visitors and you will be paid for that. You do no require the visitors to click on the ads for you to earn.

There are different payment for different forms of ads that you put up. For example, if you put up banner ads like the one below, you will be earning about $1 per 1000 impressions. Placing banners are one of the more lower paid ads to put up.

However, if you decided to put up ads in which CreditBurner called Treasure Ads which is something like banner ads but much more bigger in size, you will be paid from $2.00 to $50.00 per 1000 impressions. On top of this, you could be paid with additional $1.50 to $25.00 for the secret treasures - this is also the reason why CreditBurner called it Treasure Ads. Different advertisers might be paying different amount for 1 exposure of the ads. Therefore, there is a range of amount that you could be paid.

You can also refer publishers to them in which you can earn 14% commission from whatever your referral earns. This also another way of earning extra income from this program. This program requires very low payout which is only USD $2.50. I think this is another channel in which bloggers can earn money for a start as well.

How It Benefit You

This is especially beneficial for those that have difficulty in earning from Google Adsense because you need people to click on the ads for you to earn some money. Using this program, you don't have to worry if people click on the ads or not because it would not affect the amount that you will earn. As long as there are traffic to your blog, you will earn some cash from it.

I find this program another good alternative to Google Adsense if it is not converting cash for you. Do try this out and see how it works for you.

If you are keen to try this program, you can sign up through my link here.

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