Successbiz4all Celebrates 1st Month

Congratulation Successbiz4all. We have hit our 1 month in the blogosphere. I was thinking of sharing my blog stats with the rest of my readers. I could have done better if not for my hours spend in school.

Let's take a look at my statistics so far:

  • Reflected as 1963 visits but actual visits should be 2350 ( Joined sitemeter only on 24th)
  • About 80 visitors daily
  • 4200+ page views
  • Close to 30 newsletter subscribers
  • 40+ feed subscribers
  • Alexa ranking dropped to around 1.2 million

If you take a close look at the statistics provided, the number of visitors actually rise from 300+ to 1500+ which is almost 5 times.

I did whatever ways to gain traffic that I posted here and this was the result I gotten. I should be able to hit 4000+ visits for my 2nd month in blogosphere. However, this is all not possible without the support from the rest of you guys.

Thanks for your support and Cheers to Successbiz4all


Lisa Lomas said...

I am so proud to know you and work in the RSS group together, never hesitate to ask me for help, I am always here!


Wei Liang said...

Thank you Lisa. Great to know you too. Cheers to our blogs :)

Wei Liang

AbelJournel said...

Congrats for Successbiz4all Celebrates 1st Month :)

bonoriau said...

wei, thanks for dropping by bonoriauand your comment. hope u will share your idea in other articel. Congrats too for your achievement.

curiousman said...

Congrats Weiling. That's huge success. Could you tell me the name of the traffic tool that you use?

Wei Liang said...

Thanks all for your support.

Curiousman: The site that I use is

Wei Liang