Google Page Rank

Perhaps many of you have heard about Google Page Rank but do not know exactly what it is. Do read on for more information regardin Page Rank. I will know refer Page Rank to PR from here onwards.

What Is Page Rank?

PR is a numeric value given by Google to determine how important the page is to them. Backlinks are an important component in determining how high the page PR would be. The more backlinks you have, it would also mean that your blog or website is popular which will result in a higher PR.

PR is important because it determines your blog or website ranking in the Google search results. Although PR is not the only component that Google take into consideration to rank pages in the search results, but it is definitely an important factor.

Due to a lot of abuses to the PR system, not all backlinks are counted by Google. Those backlinks that comes from website with a lot of links to other websites can cause your PR to be penalised by Google. This is to prevent people from abusing the PR system and do link exchanges just to get their PR higher.

Links into your website cannot harm your PR because webmasters are unable to control the link from outside. However, links from yours to the other website can be controlled and so if the particular website is abusing the system, your outlink to them can cause some damages to your PR. Therefore, be very careful with the link that are place on yout website to avoid being penalised by Google.

Tools To Help Calculate PR



You can install the Google Toolbar on your browser and you will be able to view every single page rank on your browser.

That will be all for what PR is. I will be posting on tips to raise your PR soon. Have a nice weekend all.


Moon Loh said...

Good info on page rank. Do hope to get more info on page rank from you..

chubskulit said...

Thanks a lot for posting this.. I really don't know what's the importance of PR till now. But what are the websites that we should avoid to for our linbacks?

Hope you can visit and tell me my querries.. thanks!


Wei Liang said...

Hi rose,
websites that you should avoid backlinks are those that purposely go for link exchanges. You would normally see a long list on their blogroll and their purpose most probably is to get backlinks in hope to increase their PR. In fact, Google penalised on such websites and if you link to them, you will be penalised as well. So avoid exchanging link with such websites in which in internet term they are called "link farm"

Hope that answer your qns? I will be posting on tips to increase PR soon. Do visit back if you want to get more info on this.

Wei Liang