5 Biggest Mistakes In Blogging

There are several issues in which I discovered in bloggers especially those that are new in the industry. If you notice, there are a large number of blogs created that claim to teach users how to make money online but most of the content that they posted are crap. They are either trying their luck on this niche or copying a successful blogger's model. Well, maybe it works for a while but definitely not long.

New bloggers often do not think hard enough on this and just plunge into creating this topic on making money online, thinking that they can earn some extra income. If you decided to follow the crowd on creating such niche, do at least have a certain amount of knowledge before starting on it because you will definitely not last long. Let us discuss on the common mistakes that bloggers did.

1) Thinking That Blogging Can Get Rich

This is what often happens when new bloggers just got started. They have the kind of mentality that blogging can get them rich because they saw how the other bloggers have done it. Yes, I do agree that blogging can get you a full-time income but it comes with effort and the amount of time you are willing to put into it. There are articles written that say they are earning 5 figure income from just 2-3 hours of work per day and this statement "WOW" many new bloggers. As a result, they started doing the exact same thing because this looks like the most "IN" thing in the Internet now. If you think this way, my advice is to quit blogging because this will not be your cup of tea.

Blogging is like a business in which you need to plan the strategy and approach. You have to learn on what blogging is all about before you can even think of succeeding in this field. Work this out on a mind map and brainstorm hard on what you want to achieve from blogging before you actually rush into this.

2) Not Learning Information From Multiple Sources

I recommend bloggers to learn from a few sources instead of just one. Read on the blog of those that have already established themselves as a Guru in that niche as well as those that are rising or proving that they have knowledge in this niche. In this case, you can find out what are the elements that are lacking in those blogs and you can utilise this to become your unique selling point.

Many would definitely neglect this stage because they are too obsessed with the amount of money that they think they could earn from blogging and put all their effort in just trying to set up a blog. This will be plain silly because there is no difference in your blog compared to the rest. There are so many newsletters and e-zines in which you can get for free and work into it. This will give you a rough guide on what kind of information has already been repeated a lot of times and you would try to avoid going into the same path.

3) Copying Instead Of Innovating

If you noticed, there are many blogs of the same niche and talking about the same content. Instead of refining and adding in more creative and juicy content, new bloggers just merely write the exact same content from other blogs but they just write it in a slightly different way. Do you think this will give you any uniqueness in your blog?

The answer is no. Every single business must have their own unique selling point before attracting the masses to your product or content. Therefore, I consider copying is a taboo in the blogging world. Create your own unique content for your readers so that they find their time worthwhile to read your post.

4) Poor Time Management

From what I have observed, new bloggers are often very much focused on the results of their blogs. What I meant was they are too concerned in issues like how much traffic they are getting, how much sales they have made etc. They go through all the statistics webpage that they have joined and view on the visitors information etc. This sometimes take them close to 1-2 hours just on this alone. As a result, they are left with very little time for content and marketing.

I am not trying to say that you should neglect tracking your results but instead prioritise on what are the more important issues that you should attend to first. In this case, the most important errands that every blogger should do first is creating quality content. Do not lose focus on content creation because this is often what that keeps your visitor coming back again.

Unless you are trying to tell me that you are a full time blogger and you have lots of time to spare, then by all means do what you want. But many bloggers are doing this as a part-time income and therefore should manage their time better so that the content and marketing aspects are well met.

5) Being Lazy Too Early

I know many bloggers want to achieve internet business or blogging to become their full time income. And they have seen how the other successful bloggers have earn 5 figure income from just 2-3 hours of work. Therefore, they thought that this applies to them as well. But do you know that every successful blogger work very hard at the beginning of their journey. They do not work just 2-3 hours a day but in fact some work close to 16 hours a day.

They work hard for their financial freedom and they are only enjoying the life of freedom after 1-2 years of hard work. So wake up and be more sensible as well as realistic. Plan and manage your time well to achieve whatever that you want to do for the day. Don't be lazy and post on your blog once every week. My advice is to try to create at least 3 quality posts every week and stick to this plan. You can even come out with a work schedule which you want to achieve daily. I have one myself and I try my very best to stick to it unless I am really tied up at school.

This are based on my observations and you may agree or disagree on this. Do comment in if you violently object to what I have discussed. Do reflect if you are doing the mistakes that I have said.

Lastly, its weekend again. Enjoy yourselves.

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walk through money online journal said...

great tips my friend..Just get the basic SEO knowledge and it will take you there without being fooled by this pretending to be an experts.

Sure my friend I understand if you only want my business content blog to be link on your site.. Just buzz me when you're done adding my site.. happy weekend to you Wei Liang
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Aleisha said...

I think that you gave good advice. People do come into this world of blogging with unrealistic expections, like it's a get rich quick thing. You can become successful blogging but it takes time, lots of knowledge and hard work.

Wei Liang said...

walk through money online journal: Kind of true but I guess people will know it sooner or later if you truely know on the niche. I'm sure such blogs will post lower and lower quality content as time passes.

aleisha: There are several bloggers who email and ask me if I have gotten rich from blogging and also if they can get rich within 6 months. That is why i feel that people are not very unrealistic and trying to find shortcut methods to get rich fast.

Wei Liang

love-caravan said...

Backlinks is the best way to complement a blogger instead of borrwing his/her content and using it as ones own. I just add a relevant graphic and maybe a brief comment in the post if the graphic is not enough to encourage a visitor to visit the backlink.

Wei Liang said...

I agree that backlinks are the best way to complement a blogger. But does it give any uniqueness on your blog? We are talking more regarding creating a reason or value for your readers to come back.

Building your own content is the best way to gain rapport with your readers.

Kai Wei said...

Hey Wei Liang,

Nice post about beginner mistakes in blogging, but just want to add something regarding not learning from multiple sources.

I used to constantly learn from multiple sources when I first got started out, but soon got myself confused because a lot of the info comes in bits and pieces.

Looking from where I am now, I wished I had invested in just one quality home study course from people like John Reese or Derek Ghul and focus on getting results from what these MILLIONAIRES teach.

Simply downloading free eBooks from experts like John Chow or Yaro is certainly beneficial, but they don't really give you the big picture. In fact, they tend to make you focus on the small technicalities. So beware of reading every free eBooks/reports.

Info overload.

Long comment, but just want to share something nasty which I experienced and hope no one here will.

Kai Wei

Sayz Lim said...

As we can see, most of the book about wealth share the same topic, same idea, and similar content. So what is the difference? The author and how they present it.

Blogging can't make a person rich, but there is a way to grow a blog into a business. Everything big always start from a small steps, blogging is just one of these steps.

Wei Liang said...

@kai wei: Nice comment kai wei. I agree with what you have said but there is still a need to look at different sources to get ideas on which areas are lacking content and you could produce it to become a good content for your readers

@sayz lim: I totally agree with what you say. Most of the book do have similar content but there is a few pages at least which are unique to them. We can't possibly find a book of wealth with totally different ideas because it is just not logical. Blogging is a platform to let you build rapport with your audiences due to the interaction that you can get from blog compared to website. You give me a very good idea on what my next post should be lim. Thanks for the constructive comments.

I start to love getting comments towards my post. I feel that this is a learning process for all. Do keep this coming and I will try my best to answer your queries or views.

Wei Liang

BlogSavvy said...

Wei, Thanks for stopping by BlogSavvy, you make some great points, if your ever interested in Guest Blogging, a post or two, let me know, you have some great content ideas. Christoph

Stephan Miller said...

There are definitely way too many copycats out there and way too many parodies of big bloggers, which is how John Cow got started. I think when it comes to these type of parody/copycat sites, there is only room for one.

Wei Liang said...

@Christoph: Hi Christoph. Thanks for dropping by. I will email you sometime next week for the guest post. Thanks for the invitation.

@Stephen: Hi stephen, I definitely agree with that. But somehow people do still get some of the market share from similar ideas. I guess it is because of the inflow of new bloggers who want to learn.

Wei Liang

Blog and Web said...

very good ,Is exactly what I need.