Assurance From Freebies4Webmasters

I am glad that there are over 15 applicants at the moment pending for Freebies4Webmasters. However, recently I got a blog reaction on this blog commenting on whether is this company legal? How are they actually making money?

I decided to contact Freebies4Webmasters immediately and forward them the URL to response to the review because I feel that it would be better for them to clarify to the users. I got to thank Sarah from Freebies4Webmasters for taking time to actually response to that review and giving an assurance to the blogger community that they are a 100% legal company which are not involved in any kind of spyware or illegal activities.

Here is a response from Sarah:

"Hi All
Just wanted to post to rest assured we are not an illegal company and are not invloved in any kind of spyware or other illegal activities. We are just a banner network, we have a number of clients that will pay small amounts for branding and exposure. We have many members so payment runs are always made at the beginning of each month due the huge number of subscribers we have it is impossible to make payments daily. We do pay and have many happy members. If you have any further questions please feel free to drop me an email.

I hope this would give you an assurance on the kind of system Freebies4Webmasters actually run on. You can also read on my previous review and comments section and there are members that actually gotten paid already other than myself. So why not give it a try and provide any 3 URL when applying. Do remember to put it the ad codes given and put it on your website before any payment will be made.

If you feek comfortable with my reviews, you can sign up through my affliate link.

However, do not create a 'fake' blog just to register with Freebies4Webmasters because they will actually check if you purposely created a blog just to register with them.

Don't take advantage of the program just because they do not care about how much traffic you have.

In addition to this, I will choose any 5 of those that sign under my affliate link to give their personal opinions on Freebies4Webmasters. You just need to tell me your publisher ID number in which for my case is 14208 and email it to me. The 5 reviews chosen by me will be credited with 10USD into their paypal for their participation.

Good luck with the program and do contact me for any more queries regarding Freebie4Webmasters.

That's all for now. Will be posting on Google PR Rank later in the day.


juler said...

Congratulations for being accepted with the program. Now that you have the opportunity to earn your passive income, make sure you can sustain it till forever.

Wei Liang said...

Hi juler,

Thanks for the comments. I have actually been accepted 2 weeks ago but I just started promoting them because I feel its a good way to new bloggers to start with

BA said...

Tnanks for the invite from! I'll be back often.