How I Obtain 76 Backlinks On Google In 1 month - Part 1

I have mention earlier on the importance of backlinks earlier on my blog. After this 1 month plus of blogging, I find out what are the best ways to obtain backlinks that are recognised by Google. These backlinks would certainly help me in getting some juicy PR when the next Google update arrived.

This will be a series of post on how to build quality backlinks indexed by Google and this post will be on how to build quality backlinks by commenting on blogs.

Commenting On Blogs

I feel that commenting on blogs actually help me a lot in obtaining backlinks. I gave constructive comments on related topic blogs and contribute to the content of the post. If you notice, I did not comment for the sake of obtaining backlinks but instead I comment because I feel that I have something in which I could contribute to the community.

I know there are times where people deleted my comments because my comment has actually rebuked some of the content points that they have post. I know that by doing so I will risk my comment being deleted but I just don't like to just say that their post is good even though I disagree with their content. I know bloggers love to hear good comments but I do not want to deceive myself.

I personally feel there is nothing wrong if you really make a mistake in your post and someone actually corrected you. It creates a learning opportunity for yourself as well as your blog community. I urge all bloggers to be more "open" and be ready to accept criticism.

However, there are difference between commenting on a "dofollow" and a "nofollow" blog. Read on for more details.

"DoFollow" Vs "NoFollow"

It is always better to comment on blogs that are "dofollow" in order to get backlinks. What is "dofollow"? It is basically a term to describe whether a website allow spiders to crawl weblinks that are shown on the page. So for example, when you comment on a "dofollow" blog with your web URL attached to the comment, Google's spider that crawl the "dofollow" blog will crawl to yours as well due to the web URL you have left in the comment section. The "nofollow" blog works directly the opposite.

I know the next question would probably be how would I know if the blog is "dofollow" or "nofollow". I personally use Firefox as my internet browser because I love the plug ins that are available. In this case, I used a plug in from ZacheryFox's . This plug in will highlight links on the website that are "nofollow" or "dofollow" with different colour codes. Pink highlighted links mean "nofollow" while violet highlighed links mean "dofollow". I recommend using this plug in because it will be easier to identify the nature of the links and you can do it just by browsing the website with this plug in on.

I have to admit that I am not very technical abled and do not know how I could help you if you are using IE as your internet browser. Anyone here using IE that will be able to help me with this?

3 Reasons Why People Use "NoFollow"

1) Paid Links

Google hates paid links and therefore blogs that actually put paid links on their site will usually be "nofollow". Paid links are links paid by the owner of the link to place it on another website usually with high PR. This is because they want to get some quality backlinks from high PR websites in the easier way in which this case is by paying. As a result, Google advises blog to set to the "NoFollow" attribute in which the paid link will not get any PR juice but will still received traffic from it.

2) Prevent Comment Spams

Many bloggers know that they can get some great backlinks if they leave their URL on the comment section of other blogs. As a result, they will go around just to promote their website in other blog's comment section instead of providing constructive comments. These group of people are also the cause to why blogs begin to take the "nofollow" attributes.

3) For you to discuss and let me know. Think about this and post in the comments to share with the rest. If you are wondering, my blog is a "DoFollow" blog.

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coration said...

so if you leave your URL, even though it doesn't show up in the comment, the crawler finds it ...??

Wei Liang said...

hi coration,

I dont really understand what you are asking but if you leave you URL then why is it not shown in the comment?
However, once your URL is in the comment section and the blog is a "dofollow" blog, then the crawler will find it.

Ridho said...

I more choose Do Follow for my blog, cause if i have many backlink so my pagerank will be rise up.

Ronnie T. Dodger said...

Most of your backlinks appear to be coming from Blogrolls and very little from commenting. Still a very nice job Wei!!!

Now the question is, how does backlinks drive SERPS. It is one thing to develop links but the bottom line is, if it does nothing for traffice then another plan is needed.

Now the real reason I am here. Even though your blog is DoFollow, you are not allowing people to insert their Web Url and forcing them to use OpenID/Blogger profile links. Both of those pages dead end. The blogger profile page is entirely NoFollow -- so what is the use?

Ronnie T. Dodger
Tips 4 Blogspot

Free Writers said...

How can i change in wordpress from nofollow to dofollow

Wei Liang said...

Hi ronnie,

If you check carefully, I have less than 15 backlinks from my blogroll. And commenting is just one of the sources for my backlinks and that is why this entry is part 1 to getting backlinks. I could have gotten much more backlinks from commenting but blogs are going the "nofollow" attributes. If you want proof on whether I really did comment on blogs, you can go check my backlinks over at yahoo instead.

Backlinks is one of the component in improving SERPs. So why do you say that it has nothing for traffic? Ranking high on SERPs gives you targeted organic traffic in the long run.

I don't know should I say you came at the wrong time or not because I was meddling with my comments settings when you posted I guess. Of course I know openid/blogger profile leads to a dead end. I wanted to get rid of anonymous for posting comment because I prefer people to use name. Therefore, I was trying the different options but I guess it can't work because it takes away the URL option. If you notice, the commentor on top of you uses his URL.

Hope this answer your question and thanks for giving me very constructive comments

Wei Liang said...

Hi Free writers,

I am sorry but I really sux at technical aspects. Anyone here kind enough to guide free writer along?

coration said...

so do you need to download a certain plug in for DoFollow ?

Wei Liang said...

Hi coronation,

for blogger platform we need to do some changes to our HTML code to become a DoFollow site. For wordpress, you can use plugins which are easily find on the search engines.

Cazisk said...

There are several wordpress plugins that lets you remove the nofollow without going into codes. One I use is called "No Follow Free" which you has many settings. I set mine so registered users will straight away have the no follow tag removed where as unregistered users have to have a min of 5 comments before it is removed. This is to incourage people to actually comment usefull things or even register but it seems to discourage people those who comment and never come back?

My blog is new however and im new to blogging which is why I will be comming back here to read. Good blog!!

praning5254 said...

I once have a PR 3 after 3 months of blogging, but recently, I used my own domain so my PR was back to zero...Now, I'm striving hard to visit other blogs and leave comments on them. Of course I only comment when I know what the post is talking about.

Yes, leaving comments is one great way of obtaining high PR.

Make Money Blogging said...

Actually we can noneed to worry about spam comments, because there is a ready plugin in your wordpress plugin called Akismet. Akismet can simply move the suspected Spam Comment to the Spam folder.

So far I just obtain my PR and gain backlinks through commenting. But qualify comment is one of the factor that affect your ranking or PR as well.

Google wont like those people who leave a comment said :"Nice tips! Thanks for sharing!".

Web Design said...

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Wei Liang said...

Hi webdesign,

thank you for the refreshing comment. It motivates to move on when readers find my post informative and beneficial to them