Tips To Get Indexed Faster By Google

I decided to come out with this post because I have readers emailing me to ask me why is their blog not being indexed by Google. In fact, we could only wait for Google's spiders to crawl to our blog and indexed it. To request for this, we need to submit our URL to Google submit page.

Although we can only wait for our blog to be indexed by Google, but we can actually hasten the process for Google's spider to crawl to our blog. This may not be a very accurate way but I believe it do helps in hastening the process. We shall discuss in depth on this post below.

1) Submitting your blogs to directories

Submit your blogs to directories like DMOZ and only to Yahoo Directory if you are rich because it cost US$ 299.00 to submit your blog. However, you will need to wait for some time to get your URL to be accepted by DMOZ. The reason for submitting to directory is because these directories are crawl more often by Google's spider and if your link are found in there, the chances of your blog getting indexed are highed and faster.

2) Links with higher traffic

If you could get a link exchange from a website with high traffic, you could also get your blog to be indexed by Google faster. This is the same reason as submitting to directory but I am suggesting this as well because you will have to wait for your URL to be approved by the directory. Therefore, we might as well do something more to get our blogs more easily indexed by Google.

3) Submitting a sitemap

Submitting a sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools will also helps in your blog getting indexed faster. Not really sure if you all understand why people submit sitemaps to Google so I will explain a little here.

Sitemap is a list of pages available on your webpage. Therefore, submitting a sitemap to Google helps to make sure that all the pages on your site will be crawled. As a result, more of your pages will be indexed.

4) Writing Articles

Posting articles to article directory like EzineArticle is helpful too because Google's spider crawl this webpages daily and your the link place on your articles will lead Google's spider back to your blog. This again hasten the process that your blog will be indexed by Google. This will help you in getting traffic in long term too. Do read my post on article marketing for more details.

After getting indexed by Google, I'm sure most of us will work towards getting a Page Rank from Google. Your read more regarding Page Rank and tips to improve it here.

If you notice all the 4 tips have one thing in common, that is to get your links on high traffic websites so that Google's spider will crawl to your blog sooner. Do comment below if you have other ways to improve your time to get indexed by Google.

Catch up again later guys :) Enjoying my last moment of weekends