Social Networking Media - Plurk

Just thought I would want to share with you guys on this Plurk. This is another social media in which I have just joined. You could interact with people all over the whole and it works like twitter. But, I find this very much more interesting compared to twitter.

Basically, it works on a timeline and you can key in whatever you want in the textbox. After which it will appear on the timeline and you can choose to show it to the rest of the plurk community. You could also tell people that you have a new post on your blog and people might just click on it to see it.

I hope to see you in there should you have spare time to meddle with yet another social media. By the way, is there anyone of you here already a plurk member? Do comment on how you find this social media because I'm relatively new in this.


SuperSkeptic said...

Plurk is very cool. I just wish more of my friends were on it.

curiousman said...

I have to say I have no idea what plurk or pluck is. What are the advantages and what are its unique features that are not available in other tools? Perhaps, I need to research on it a bit more myself. Right now, I'm kind of busy with other stuff. I'll post a better comment next time..sorry. There's so much to learn but so little time.

I hope you don't mind I leave my website name here. I believe it's considered a backlink?

Wei Liang said...

Hi supersketic: I wish so too. You could add me as fren too. My plurk button is below the Alexa widget. :)

Hi curiousman: Plurk is another social networking media which could let you get connected with the rest of the world. You could also slowly introduce your blog in there. Just join few days ago and I have gotten like 50 over traffic from them. Not too bad considering i am still new there. By the way, go ahead and post your link. And yes it is a backlink because my blog is a "follow" blog.

Wei Liang

curiousman said...

Wow. 50? you are a popular guy!!! Congrats! I'm sure in less than a year, this site is going to be huge. Don't forget to trickle some traffic to my site. :p I'm working on drawing traffic too and at the same time learning countless new things...really overwhelming sometimes.

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Wei Liang said...

Hi curiousman. Be patient and consistent in getting traffic to your blog. Most importantly don't be discouraged when you see like only 50 or less traffic a day because all successful bloggers go through this stage too :) One more tip is to join at least 1 social networking group be it twitter or plurk to get more friends. Will eventually help in marketing your blog.

Wei Liang

curiousman said...

OK OK..I'm here to sign up that plurk or pluck thing. :)

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