Am I Too Stupid To Make Money Online?

There are tons of IM gurus out there who claimed that making money online is easy and simple but most people don't agree because they can't even earn $100 per month online. So are we too stupid or because we don't put in much effort or we don't take internet marketing seriously?

In fact, only you know the answer. Stop falling into the trap of doing paid surveys or make money online forum because what you will earn from this is really too little. There is no fast ways to make money online. This game is all about finding the right keywords, working on your SEO, churning tons and tons of article, building links and after all this is done, then you can start to dream about making money.

Most people don't succeed in IM because they don't treat this seriously and they want to see instant profits. But let me ask you this question? Where on earth can you find this type of opportunity? So the only way to build up your online business is really to put in a lot of effort.

IM is still in the infant stage and there are still so much more money to be shared. Don't worry about it going too saturated because this will not happen at least in the near future. Start taking action and read blogs that really give you value like Griz make money online blog. He is a genius when it comes to getting organic traffic and that is the real way to make money online.

Just by reading his blog alone, I managed to get 5 out of 10 sites to rank top in Google and those sites are now making a few hundred dollars every month. Once you know the technique, it is really just to rinse the entire method and you will soon build your online wealth. In fact, we can now see small kids setting up blogs talking about how kids can make money online because this process is really simple. Try it and you will know.

I have started to go into affiliate marketing and is trying to use whatever knowledge I have to test this area out. If you like to follow me on my journey to make money online via affiliate marketing, feel free to come to my blog at

See ya around!