Knowledge on types of Affliate Programs

After the long break, Im sure most have completed on creating their own sales letter. Ok lets recap.

We have already done:

1) Looking for a niche market
2) Looking for a product
3) Setting out own website and sales letter

Next lets move on to decide what are the different ways to earn money?

1) Pay per click
2) Pay per sale
3) Pay per lead

Pay per click

You will get paid for every single people that you refer to from your website to your affliates.
This require a constant amount of traffic daily to earn more revenue as most affliates normally pay
$1 to $2 per click.

Pay per sale

You will be paid for every sale that you refer to your affliates. This normally can get you more
revenue as most affliates from pays you up to 75% commission.

Pay per lead

You will be paid for getting people to sign up the form provided by your affliates. Some credit card
company can pay you as high as $35.00 per lead that you send them.