Capturing Your Leads

Im sure by this date you should start seeing your traffic coming in slowly. Next issue that we need to fine tune our blog is how to capture the leads that arrived at your blog.

You might be thinking why do you need to do so. What is the purpose of capturing your leads?

The first reason is to build up on your own market. I know there are a lot of list building services which requires you to pay for an instant list of like 500 - 1000 leads. However, 1 point I need to bring across is that the list that you buy might not be those that are interested on your niche. Therefore, it serves no purpose even if you have the list. What we need, is a list that are interested on our niche.

One of the most popular ways to capture leads are to build up a newsletter on your blogs. You could provide them with Free E-Books first to lure them into joining your newsletter. Then slowly, build up on your newsletter and email them your findings/products/softwares every week. Try not to always promote them with your affliate products as it will turn them off. Provide free information that your subscribers want to know.

The second reason is to you would already have a ready list of prospects whenever you want to launch a new affliate or own products. You need not go around and find customers to purchase your product.

If you blog or website is not providing any form of lead capturing channels, I strongly urge you to do so. You might not know the benefits now but in future you will be greatful that you actually have that list.

Tomorrow I will be talking more on how to build a loyal list of subscribers. Enjoy your Sunday