Day 5 - How to get traffic to your website? Part 2

Im sorry for not posting for 3 days. Have been quite busy recently so do pardon me. Ok lets move on to the Part 2 of gaining traffic.

Submitting your Website to Web Guides

When submitting websites to guides and directories, you are submitting your page URL, description of your website as well as a specific category. When submitting, you are also betting that the guide's reviewer will find your site interesting and informative. If your site are well-liked by the guide's reviewer, they will write a review of your site and show up in a database of the Web's top site.

How to improve the chances of getting your site reviewed?

1) Look at the guide's review of other websites and from there catch what they are looking for.
2) Submit descriptive information of your website.

Below is the list of web guides that i found:

1) CANLinks
2) CentralDrive
3) EuroSeek
4) Illumirate
5) Jayde
6) Mavicanet - Drill down into a subcategory before clicking add site link.
7) Nerd World Media - Need to register before submitting link
8) Open Directory
9) Scrub the Web
10) Yahoo!

Do take some time and submit your websites to all the list above and Im sure your traffic will increase over time. Do comment if this webguides directory actually help you so that more people will get to know.

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