Incredible Social Network that pays - Yuwie

Look guys at what I have got for you all. A new income opportunity that is so easy. You dont need to advertise anything at all.

How to earn income from Yuwie?

When any members in Yuwie view any of your following profiles:

1) your profile page
2) your blog pages
3) view all your friends
4) view all your comments
5) your picture pages
6) if someone views one of your shared layouts

Most should know of the few famous social networks like FaceBook and Friendster. This is almost similar to it and yet you get REAL cash for people visiting your profile page.

Although it dont get you rich but at least its some kind of extra income. Furthermore, its easy and will increase you traffic to your site as well.


precioushaven said...

Thanks for this extra income source. It really amazing that such social network actually pays. Thumbs up for this

nobe said...

it probably works like


curiousman said...

Hi WeiLiang, it's me agains. I would like to know if it's OK to post a link to your own blog in Yuwie. I see that you did that but i'm afraid that's against their policy. Could you please let me know?

curiousman said...

I have a review on Yuwie that I would like to share.
Check it out.


Wei Liang said...

Hi curiousman,

it is not against their policy to link back to your own blog. However, I just got my first month earning reported and it was very miserably low. I guess we should just leave this system alone if your main purpose is to make money only.

Felix Goh

i affiliate cash said...

Hard to work with stupid design of Yuwie.

Wei Liang said...

Hi I affliate cash,

You got to use Yuwie often then slowly get used to it. It is like friendster I feel. But don't expect this to make lots of money for you. Take it as a form of social networking system to know more people and drive them to your blog.

Wei Liang

curiousman said...

Thanks Weiliang for the honest opinion on Yuwei. I think the founder passes only a small percentage of their advertising revenue. I totally agree with you that we should use it to drive traffic and not for the income it brings. I was active for the first few days and I have stopped checking it. I believe all seven of referrals have ditched it too. sad :( I really worked on it.

Wei Liang said...

Congrats curiousman. There is nothing to be sad about. By able to get referrals, it means that you got the marketing for it right. We are always learning from our past experiences and this one would definitely benefit you in the long run.

Wei Liang