Tracking your visitors

After working on how to drive traffic for a few days, most of your blog should be accepted or indexed by search engines, directories etc. Next, you need to track your visitors.

One of the tracking tools that I used are Google Analytics.

It captures alot of statistics which are vital to us so that we can make ammendments to out blogs or content. Below are the important statistics that we should be aware of for our online business:

1) New vs Returning Visitors
2) Length of Visit

New vs Returning Visitors

Focus more on the returning visitors. This is the information that we want to capture. Higher returning visitors mean that the content of your blog are interesting and people keep coming back to read on your new post. This group of returning visitors will be the group that are highly prospective which could lead to sales.

However, if most of your visitors are new, there might be something wrong with the content that you post. You notice I used the word might because:

1) Similar content has been featured before in other blogs.
2) You have a new blog and there are many other similar blogs outside that are more popular and therefore have more credential.

To get returning visitors, every post must be unique and able to draw the attention of the reader. And each post ends in such a way to lure the visitors back again for more information. Over time, this is will increase your rate of returning visitors.

Length of Visit

Check the average length of visit for each day. If your results show that the average visit is between 0 - 30seconds, this means that your content doesnt have any attractiveness at all. You need to at least hold the viewer for at least 2-3 mins before he can truely understand the content of your blog.

How to improve on the Length of Visit?

1) Improve on layout of blog. Make it more reader friendly and have a recent post widget to let visitors know the category of this blog.

2) No overloading of advertisment. This makes visitor things you are doing hard selling of products.

3) Break your content into paragraph instead of jumbling all into one chunk.

Do the necessary ammendments to your site/blog to improve on your returning visitor. No point driving a huge traffic to your blog but you cant sustain the interest of the visitor.


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