Payment From Freebies4Webmasters

I have gotten my 2nd paypal payment from freebies4webmasters and would like to share with you guys.

Pretty easy money since I just wrote the review once and gotten a few referrals from this. Although it is just $60 over, do remember that earning income online is about getting your income from several sources. Thanks for those that have join through my link thus giving me this small extra income.

You can register through my link again if you like to register your other blogs or do referral job like I am doing.

For the past review I have done, please click on the link to read more:

Review on Freebies4webmaster - Earn your first income online

Off to sleep. Good night guys.


Anonymous said...

OO..good earning you have from them! I just started pasted the code in my blog 2 days ago. Have to wait 28days to get the first payment from them =)

Steve Borgman said...

Wei Lang, thanks for the information. I'm going to take a look. I'll let you know what I think!

Anonymous said...

Hey Felix!

Great job! It's always a great feeling to hold a paycheck!

Can still remember clearly the great happiness when I got my first clickbank check. Feel VERY good. :-)

Jia You!

Kai Wei
Your Weekly Dose Of Self-Help Goodness & Network Marketing Tips

Wei Liang said...

I heard that they are going stricter on the selection of blogs to be accepted into the network. Is this true?

I am thinking will you all be interested if I post my monthly earnings from this blog?

Anonymous said...

Ya, they are strict on choosing blog right now. But luckily my blog has been approved by them =)

Post up your earning in this blog ?? I'll be the first to put up my hand and say "Yes" ! =)

Actually we love to see others' blog income report =)

I'd do 1 in my blog too =) my first income for 4months blogging (Income report for August)

New Haven said...


great you're doing good for a beginner :D

you took course from yaro?

Anonymous said...

How nice income. congratulation!

Anonymous said...

I guess I will start posting income from next month onwards on this blog alone.

Ya I am taking blogmastermind at the moment and learning more to enhance my knowledge on blogging. Pretty structured course but I feel that it is quite costly. Many of the information are fundamentals of blogging and can the E-lesson resources can be obtained online. But it lays a very strong foundation if you want to succeed in blogging.

Anonymous said...

Wow that's a great site. I'll join under your link.

thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the link. I plan to join and review it for my work at home moms website.