How I Obtain 76 Backlinks On Google In 1 month - Part 3

This will be the last part for this series and if you missed out on my previous 2 posts, you can read it here:

The last method that I have used to obtain backlinks are the most easiest to obtain and which is through great content. With great content posted on your blogs, it will attract readers to come back again for more of it. And at the same time, the chances of them linking back to your blog is much higher if they find that your content is worthwhile to be read by their audiences. This is the most powerful backlinks in which you should concentrate.

Why do I say so? Your readers maybe someone with a blog of mediocore size and getting a traffic of around 500-1000 visitors per day. If they were to recommend your content and linkback from their blog, you have gotten yourself a nice traffic source. Thus, you might be able to convert this linked traffic into your regular readers. Imagine just converting 5% of the linked traffic to your blog, you are gaining around 25-50 more subscribers to your blog.

Quality content will always be the skeleton of your blog. Without keeping new and quality content coming in, you will risk losing your audiences. This is the perfect example on my blog because I have not been posting regularly on my blog this week and I lose a handful of readers.

Then you will start asking me, what kind of content is regarded as quality content? What is the kind of content people will be interested in reading? Although I will not be able to tell you on the specific topic to write for your niche, I could still tell you what category of articles you should produce to capture their attention. Headlines or title of your post is also another important component in writing great content.

I will be covering more on how to create better headlines as well as content in my coaching blog at www [dot] abloggerblog [dot] com which will be starting out on the 16th sept 08. I will be posting 1-2 articles prior to the launch of my new blog. Do subscribe to it for updates on my blog.

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