8 Ways To Monetize Your Blog

I have tested all the 8 methods on my blog but only a few are helping me to make income online. The rest of the methods are not suitable to be used on my blog. Therefore, you can use any of the 8 methods I mention to monetize your blog. Test it to see the results. I will now go straight into the 8 methods.

1) PPC advertising

This is by far the most commonly use method to monetize a blog. You make money by placing ads on your blogs. Every click on the ads will give you a certain amount of money depending on the how much the advertisers are offering. However, most PPC networks should have their internal tracking for you to check your performance. Place the ads in different places and you might experience different results. Examples of the PPC network include Google Adsense, Bidvertise and Chitika.

2) Direct Ads Sales

Selling your own advertising space is the bread and butter of most bloggers. It gives you monthly passive income should the advertisers are placing it for long. However, if your blog are still an the infant stage, you need to approach advertisers to see if they are interested in sponsoring your blog. You can read more on how to find your advertisers here:

3) Reviews

You can write review on specific topic or product and get paid for it. You are usually given better opportunities when you have higher PR and lower alexa rank. It can range from $5 - $200 per review. There are several review network company such as payperpost, reviewme and sponsoredreviews. At the same time, you can advertise on your blog to do sponsored review and thus the review network company will not get a cut in between. This is widely used for new blogs who just got updated with PR and you get nice income from it if you are not lazy.

4) Affiliate marketing

This is the most powerful tool to make money online. Affiliate marketing simply means selling other people products and getting a commission out of it. You can find a lot of products to sell and it includes digital as well as physical product. The more commonly use affiliate networks are ClickBank, CJ and PayDotCom. You will need to leverage on your traffic and write a review of the product to recommend it to your readers.

5) Text Links

This is basically selling links from your blog to the advertisers. However, text links are less popular compared to banner advertising. Again this is very dependent on PR and alexa rank. You can find the text links network such as TextLinkAds, Linkworth and TNX to find advertisers.

6) Selling E-Book

If you have flair in a certain topic and could teach people on something regarding the topic, then you should consider writing an E-Book to sell. This is a one time effort but could yield you a lot of money if you content are valuable. If you notice there are so many E-Books on similar topics but people still keep buying. This is because people are using money to buy hope. An example of E-Book is "How to make your first million" which will attract a lot of people who are working towards that goal. They are willing to pay $20 in order to read the method and hoping that they could earn one million dollars. Promote the E-Book through your blog to start seeing sales coming in.

7) Referrals

You can do referral advertising but asking people to join certain network. Example of this are payperpost and freebies4webmaster. You will be paid a certain amount if they sign up with the company. This is relatively simple if you have traffic and could easily make hundreds of dollars from it.

8) Donation

It wouldn't harm if you put a donation button on your blog. People might like your content and want to buy you a beer or something. Therefore, donations are the best way to show their appreciation for your hard work. Although you would not make a lot from this area, but remember that you should earn money online through many income streams.

Do try the methods above and track the results. All the best. Enjoy!

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