How I Got Over 180 Subscribers In 2 Months

These might not be very fantastic results but I take into consideration that I am not any celebrities or famous in blogging. Therefore, getting 180 subscribers in 2 months are quite an achievement to me. But why do bloggers want to aim for high subscriber count? What impact does it have on a blog?

Why Get High Subscribers

1) Social Proof

High subscribers act as a form of social proof to others. Social proof in this case would mean that you have readers for your blog and might be worth their time to stop and read. This also increases the chance to convert visitors into regular readers since they actually stop and read your content. At the same time, your blog gain more exposure. This is also the reason why the bigger blogs grow so much faster due to the effect of social proof. If you put yourself into the same shoe as a visitor to a blog, does this apply to you as well?

2) Increase Daily Visits

This only applies when you update your blog daily. This is because when you update your blog, your subscribers will get an update on their RSS readers/aggregators. Therefore, they will click on the updated post and pay a visit to your blog. Once you have 100 over subscribers, you can expect at least 250 daily hits per day which is a rough estimate of around 200k Alexa weekly rank.

3) Increase Exposure & Backlinks

As your subscribers increase, your blog gain more exposure and your quality content gets a higher chance to be linked by other blogs. These are steps to getting more traffic to your blog when you are getting linked from other blogs. And these blogs can be those of average size and from their recommendations to your blog content, you can expect a traffic spike on your blog.

The above mention are easily attainable once you have a good amount of subscribers to your blog. You can read on what I actually did to attain this in my previous post on " 8 Tips To Increase RSS Subscribers "

These are the things that I have done to achieve this results. You can choose 4 out of the 8 tips to focus on and will also get very good results. But you must take action in order to achieve this. Don't be lazy and expect to get results.


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