Make Money Online Via Niche Marketing

If you have just started out on how to make money online, the best approach is to engage in niche marketing. There are almost unlimited keywords for you to target and it is not true that only extremely competitive niche could make money.

In fact, when I first started out as an Internet Marketer, I went on the wrong route and approach very competitive niche which turn out to be unsuccessful. Then I realize my mistake and decided to go for smaller niche with substantial amount of traffic per month.

So what traffic am I talking about? This is none other than the organic traffic or in layman term the traffic from search engines. I soon understand that in order to earn passive income online, one of the best way is via Adsense and to rank top in search engines in particularly Google. You might not make much money for a start because it takes time for you to rank top in Google. But it isn't tough to reach the top because the only key to hit the target is by getting more backlinks and writing relevant content.

Stop getting social traffic because it will not make you any money except that too get a few links or so. The true way to make money online is to aim for organic traffic period.